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11 months

Politics and Data Analytics

Big data analytics in politics? They have nothing in common! How could it be possible? Traditional political campaigns relied on aiming at the target audience in a more localized fashion. During traditional campaigns, we used to hear speakers urging people to vote for a specific party, and as a result could reach out to a limited audience only. Such electoral campaigns did have an effect on the people, but a rather small one. Analytics in politics is changing that.

11 months

Does my Business need Hadoop?

Did Hadoop seem interesting to your organization, and you’re considering plans to implement it already? Hadoop is a technology that can help your organization in storing ample amount of data in your database, in any given form. Hadoop is technically a database management system that focuses on helping its users easily retrieve data and maintain it. Before Hadoop, data storage was expensive and difficult to maintain.

11 months

Everything That Can Be Invented Has Been Invented

In 1889, Charles H. Duell was the Commissioner of US patent office. He is widely quoted as having stated that the patent office would soon shrink in size, and eventually close, because… 

11 months

Are Data Warehouses a Thing of the Past?

With almost everything around us becoming a source of data, it’s proving to be quite a challenge for traditional data warehouses to support such fast changing and high on volume data. So is data warehouse a thing of the past already?

11 months

Overcoming Disabilities with Technology

When a person suffers with a disability, their ability to be able to do routine everyday tasks is hampered. Rehabilitation technology helps them overcome the limitations that come with physical disability, allowing them to lead a life of comfort and integrity.

11 months

Robots Takeover the Apparel Production

First large scale shoe robot factory unveiled: Adidas is using machines in Germany instead of humans in Asia to make shoes. Adidas, the German maker of sportswear, started marketing its first series of shoes manufactured by robots in Germany since 2017. More than 20 years after Adidas ceased production activities in Germany and moved them to Asia, Adidas unveiled the group’s new prototype “Speedfactory” in Germany. As of 2017, the factory has already begun large-scale production. What's more, Adidas also opened a second Speedfactory in the U.S. last year, followed by more in Western Europe. According to the company, the German and American plants will in the "mid-term" each scale up to producing half a million pair of shoes per year.

11 months

5 Most Stunning Real-World Applications of Augmented Reality

What if we told you that augmented reality had been a part of human life for a long time? Surprised? Don’t be! With emerging technologies, AR has improved a lot and so has its uses.

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