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4 Challenges Faced by Organizations before Venturing into Machine Learning

Businesses contemplating to implement machine learning (ML) are faced with a number of challenges, ranging from the ignorance of its benefits to the inadequacy of its know-how.

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Future Blockchain Use Cases that Will Blow Your Mind

Blockchain has transcended its original purpose of maintaining financial transaction records and has already found a wide range of applications in different industries. This development points to increasingly innovative future uses of blockchain that can not only transform businesses but also spawn new ones.

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The Importance of Payback Period in an IoT Project

Although the internet of things (IoT) can be viewed as a long-term investment, the target period for IoT payback should be fairly short due to the magnitude of impact the technology can have on any business.

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How Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Will Shape the Future of Asset Management

The latest tech trends in asset management companies are suggesting an increase in the automation of functions such as risk assessment, market research and analysis, as well as asset trading.

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Bridging the Digital Talent Gap in Mid-Size Enterprises

MSEs can bridge the looming digital talent gap by building healthy workplaces, choosing the right staff and offering insights into future work plans to acquire a digitally-equipped class of employers.

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Three Legal Concepts Data Analysts must know to Drive Business Value

We live in a digital world. Every day, every minute, every single second, there is an unprecedented rate of data coming from different sources. As data is the key to technological innovation, organizations across the globe are readily investing in all possible ways to collect data for analysis. Once collected, data analysts are responsible of leveraging the data for the right business use cases that can drive the growth of their organization. After the data collection, and sometimes even before that, the first thing that data analysts do is create a big data strategy so that the organization can move in the right direction, while also weighing in the associated security risks. However, this is not the ideal approach to take.

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4 Benefits of Using Blockchain over Traditional Data Security Technologies

Due to its ability to provide transparency, immutability, and decentralized storage of data, applications using blockchain for data security can soon replace existing technologies that provide centralized storage.