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3 months

Uber’s Monthly Subscription and the Holy Grail for Subscription Economy: Hotels

This past November, Uber announced its much awaited monthly subscription service. Called the ‘Ride Pass’, the service allows users guaranteed set prices for a monthly fee. The service is available in Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, Denver, and Miami and costs $24.99 a month in Los Angeles and $14.99 a month in the other four cities.

3 months

JPM Coin — What is it Good For?

In numerous Reddit discussions and on Twitter, Jamie Dimon, CEO of banking giant, J.P. Morgan is seen as the Bitcoin anti-Christ. In 2014, the outspoken CEO declared that Bitcoin was a “terrible store of value,” adding a year later that he thought it would not survive.

3 months

Make Sure You Meet These 5 Requirements Before You Adopt Any Modern Technology

Adopting modern technologies at work is easier said than done. A lot of things have to be taken care of. For smooth and successful technology adoption, various requirements, ranging from funds to people to security policies must first be met.

3 months

Convenience vs Privacy: Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Worried

As advances in technology have led to the permeation of communication devices deep into our private spaces, we have grown accustomed to, and even favorably inclined towards, trading privacy for convenience, which may not always be a bad thing.

3 months

The Rise of Cyber Insurance in the Corporate Sphere

With every business incorporating technology in its working, the need for cyber insurance has increased manifold, almost making it a necessity in this digital era.

3 months

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Natural Language Processing

Improved cognition and interaction with humans due to enhanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities will define the future of AI, leading to smarter applications, from improved spam filters to robots that can converse like humans.

3 months

Quantitative Dissonance in Cryptocurrency Trading

There is no more distinctive smell that takes you back to an era, a time and a space, then the scent of well-worn linoleum and the nylon, polypropylene blend that passes off as carpeting. And every time I return to New York City, I find my olfactory senses assaulted by this time travel potpourri as I walk up the short flight of steps leading to an old brownstone off 8th Avenue where a well-known New York psychic resides.