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1 month

Startup Funding Demystified

It’s no mystery: Creating a successful startup is difficult. Finding a great startup investment opportunity as a venture capitalist is not much easier. You can toil away for months before realizing that your investment is not going to provide great returns or may even incur a significant loss. In the fast-paced world of technology, a myriad of obstacles can confront even the most veteran investor.

1 month

The Hurdles in Big Data Analytics for Healthcare

With the onset of ambitious healthcare projects – thanks to technological development and innovation – a growing need for big data analytics is being felt. However, this need is also highlighting the challenges of implementing big data in the healthcare sector.

1 month

Making IoT Safe

IoT is everywhere - from smart homes to disaster management operations. At such an extensive scale of application, IoT security should be of prime concern.

1 month

9 Trending Business Productivity Apps To Try Out Now!

Feeling unproductive lately? It’s okay, we all swing by onto guilty procrastination trips from time to time, but it’s easier to summon your motivation when you have technology laying around! Being an entrepreneur or playing a similar role needs you to be productive round the clock - something which is easier said than done. But business is business, and it won’t wait for you to catch up, so here is a quick list of apps that can act as great booster add-ons to your productivity in general.

1 month

Big Data for Informed Choices

The right decision propels an organization in the direction of success. Big data in decision-making helps businesses make informed choices. Big data is a huge chunk of information gathered from disparate sources. The information that is being gathered is often in different formats. To any organization of any scale, data is crucial; be it of any kind, format, or volume.

1 month

Make your Idea Count, Execute it

During all those career related gossips with friends, when everyone is pouring out their frustrations and letting out that life is so unfair feelings. In all those conversations, there is always that one friend who says. “I had the idea for Facebook, only had I acted on it. I would be a billionaire. That is a pathetic logic and people who say this live in their own delusional world. Having the idea of for a Facebook or an Amazon or an uber has nothing to do with actually creating any of them. As Batman from Gotham says, It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

2 months

Abstraction and the Equation of Life

In Mathematics, we always abstract out problems/solution into mathematical objects. These mathematical objects help us to understand the concepts and apply the derived reasoning to other similar problems. These mathematical objects can be graphs, number line, simulation models. So, if you are modeling a move in a chess game, then you don't need physical chess pieces to do that, using mathematics concept you can do it using a "Graphs Model". The vertices of the graph can represent a possible position in the game and the edge between any two vertices can represent a legal move. As below figure shows possible moves of the rook in chess (Horizontal and Vertical).