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2 months

What is AI Fuzzing and Why You Should be Wary of it

AI fuzzing is a cybersecurity practice used by organizations to spot vulnerabilities or flaws within any application or system. Sadly, hackers have now begun using AI fuzzing for committing crimes.

2 months

How IoT Can Impact the Telecom Industry

The implementation of the internet of things (IoT) in telecom companies can offer business analytics, ensure safety at remote sites, and monitor equipment. 

2 months

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Cyber Hackers Next Targets

Where will online criminal hackers look next? Cryptocurrency. There are already hacks going on, but this will ramp up significantly as some of the more highly competent criminals are targeting cryptocurrency exchanges. 

2 months

Improve Effectiveness and Engagement with Enterprise Gamification

As part of their perpetual quest to make their people-centric processes more effective, numerous businesses are increasingly adopting enterprise gamification in different parts of their operations. Early applications of this new discipline are already making an impact, paving the way for more continued development and increased adoption.

2 months

Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing to Protect from Cyberattacks

I get asked all the time for a quick answer to the question: “how can I protect myself from getting attacked online?”

2 months

IoT Data Management: The Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies

Business leaders need an effective IoT data management strategy to optimize and store collected data as well as implement IoT to its maximum potential.

2 months

Solving Blockchain's Scalability Trilemma

The path to the mainstream adoption of blockchain, despite being hailed as a journey that will have game-changing technological and economic implications, is laden with numerous obstacles. Chief among these obstacles is the scalability trilemma that the global blockchain community has been grappling with ever since the technology’s consideration for mainstream applications.