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3 months

The Benefits of Blockchain

Although the business value promised by the technology makes it a tantalizing proposition for all businesses, leaders must avoid the trap of feeling the need for blockchain driven purely by the fear of missing out.

3 months

Connected Healthcare: A Smart​ Way to Keep Physicians Away

Remote monitoring, fitness bands, telemedicine, and other wearable technologies are offering incredible patient touchpoints, thereby offering timely and effective healthcare with enhanced satisfaction to patients. No wonder, connected healthcare is showing tremendous impact in the medical space.

3 months

Everything You Need to Know about the Decentralized Web

Web 2.0, the current Internet version, has a special room for drawbacks, ranging from servers going down to grifter threats. To address all of these issues, a new version of the Internet, decentralized web (Web 3.0), is coming soon.

4 months

Using Deep Learning for Drug Discovery

From being a process that involved conjecture and happy accidents, the discovery of drugs has become a serious affair with the growing need for certainty at the molecular level. The use of deep learning in drug discovery is not only leading to more accurate results but also with lower time and financial investments.

4 months

The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: Dissecting the Science behind Virtual Crime

Data breaches at major organizations are continuously raising cybersecurity concerns. But, understanding the anatomy of a cyber attack can help in finding methods to potentially reduce the impact of cyber threats.

4 months

The Future of the Internet of Things

The Internet of things (#IoT) is one of the most exciting trends in the recent history of technology so far. As connectivity, storage, and compute become more universal, we’re seeing an explosion of IoT solutions, from health care to public safety, all pointing towards one conclusion: The IoT is here to stay. As with any other trends in technology, it’s starting to require a new generation of platforms, standards, regulations, and protocols to name few.

4 months

How to Secure the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (#IoT) as a concept is fascinating and exciting, but the key to gaining real business value from it, is effective communication between all elements of the architecture so you can deploy applications faster, process and analyze data at lightning speeds, and make decisions as soon as you can.