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1 month

Four Ideas to Re-Ignite Phone Innovation

Over thanksgiving break, Apple made news for getting a patent on a foldable display. As per the patent, such a display can be ‘opened and closed’ like a book. Turns out, if this patent makes its way into a phone, we could have a foldable phone too.

2 months

The Power of Javascript Template Literals

Of all of the innovations that have emerged with the Ecmascript 2015+ rewrite of the Javascript language, one of the most powerful, template literals, is also one of the most under-appreciated. Template literals solve two problems - creating multiline content strings, and embedding variables in strings - but in conjunction with arrow functions and tagged literals, they can also solve many of the problems that up until now have been the province of specialized libraries.

2 months

Why Multitasking Is Killing Your Business

If you believe "multitasking" is productive and positive, you’re literally wasting your time. Consider it a bad fad that you can put in the same lame trend basket as neon leotards, head-to-toe denim, crop crotch pants and mullets.

2 months

Quantum Computing: The Next Big Thing

Computers and IT have revolutionized the human race. We have never been this smart, connected to everything and had solutions to every single complex problem. The Moore law states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years, and this has decreased in size to as small as 37.5mm x 37.5mm for a 2.7 GHz processor. Supply chains can be easily optimized using tremendous computing power of computers, which are capable of solving complex algorithms for routing, forecasting, network designing and inventory optimization. The more computing power, the faster the algorithms can be solved. Thus, increased computing power has indirect impact on cost, quality and time of any supply chain.

2 months

Is Blockchain an Opportunity or Threat?

The future of blockchain technology is promising but also disruptive. Will it play out in our favor or against it?

2 months

Machine Learning and The Telecom Industry

Machine learning in telecom can help network operators improve services, increase profits, as well as reduce customer churn.

2 months

Big Data’s Expanding Role in Intelligence Agencies

Governments are always seeking vital information about rival countries. To counter terrorism and proxy wars, intelligence agencies are keeping an eye on a lot of data to find clues and establish links between suspects. Using big data in intelligence agencies helps to manage extensive data by deriving insights from suspicious activities.