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How Blockchain Can Save Journalism

Can we save journalism with blockchain? You read that right! Blockchain’s innovative uses range from securing confidential news pieces to using cryptocurrencies for monetary transactions to providing verifiability for readers. Read on to know more.

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5 Ways You Can Apply Machine Learning to Solve Business Problems

By leveraging the various applications of machine learning (ML), businesses can now solve numerous problems that require extensive data with high volume and complexity.

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Teaching AI to Navigate like our Brains

The human brain is intrinsically wired to perform navigation and find the shortest and the most convenient route to a destination. Using machine learning algorithms, scientists are training AI to navigate by emulating the brain’s spatial navigation processes.

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The Importance of Securing IoT Ecosystems

As the implementation and impact of IoT grow across the globe, so does the risk of being hacked, leaking data, and losing control. Adopting standardized protocols and security measures are necessary to secure the IoT ecosystem, in the early stages of its development, to prevent catastrophic failures in the future.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry

Infrastructure planning and designing, providing suggestions for building, using drones for risk management and managing administrative activities are just a few applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in construction.

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