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12 months

How to Deliver the Perfect Project

The title of this article is a puzzling question for anyone who has ever sat on the seat of a project manager. How to make all ends meet with in a strict budget, and a cut-throat deadline? A global survey indicated that there is a net loss of about $97 million per $1 billion invested accounting to inefficient project handling.

12 months

5 Biggest Myths about Big Data

Big data has created a buzz ever since its inception. This technology has affected many sectors, and since so many experts are talking about it, the myths associated with it are also on the rise.

12 months

Information Management and the Associated Challenges

Managing the information stored in your system can be tedious. Information management is crucial because of several reasons; it can make or break a task.

12 months

Artificial Intelligence and Everyday Life

AI has proved to be a talisman for multiple industries. Ever wondered about artificial intelligence examples that the common man is enjoying?

12 months

Big Data and Cyber Espionage

While big data is empowering business decisions with information abundance, cyber espionage is on the rise too! Ever saw your computer’s cursor move on your screen automatically? While you safely assumed it was a system fault, an autonomous identity was using your system, hacking your applications, and dragging your data to the threshold of being stolen.

12 months

Technology is Transforming Project Management

Moving ahead of traditional project management techniques, technology in project management has revamped how companies and executives are working on their projects.

12 months

Politics and Data Analytics

Big data analytics in politics? They have nothing in common! How could it be possible? Traditional political campaigns relied on aiming at the target audience in a more localized fashion. During traditional campaigns, we used to hear speakers urging people to vote for a specific party, and as a result could reach out to a limited audience only. Such electoral campaigns did have an effect on the people, but a rather small one. Analytics in politics is changing that.

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