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1 year

Big Data in E-Commerce: Trends, Personalisation and Beyond

E-Commerce, as an industry, received a jump start because of the progress made by big data engines in providing critical and focused analytics to retailers.

1 year

AI-Backed Conversational Commerce: Hype or Reality

Conversational commerce is the new buzzword in town and many organizations are adopting it as a part of their marketing, sales, and customer care activities.

1 year

Are We Really Approaching a 'Cambrian Evolution' of Robotics?

With the growing advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, there arises a pertinent question – are we about to witness a Cambrian explosion of robots anytime soon?

1 year

Preventing Blackouts with Blockchain in Power Grids

Blackouts are disheartening as they disrupt the normal flow of operations for a business. Thanks to the blockchain technology, power grids could become smarter. 

1 year

Recycled Swimwear

As ethical and sustainable fashion movements gain steam, startups and even legacy brands like Speedo are producing swimwear made from recycled materials. The fashion industry has been criticized for how it produces clothing quickly and cheaply. The swimwear category is no different.

1 year

3D Sound: The Next Big Frontier for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that gives people a realistic view of images and videos. Now with 3D audio, virtual reality is moving on to providing realistic sounds of songs and other audios for an audio experience like never before.

1 year

Fleet Better and the Internet of Things

Fleet management with the Internet of Things (IoT) ensures compliance with regulations, optimized maintenance, reduced costs, and several other benefits.