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1 year

Big Data and Real Estate

Analyzing big data in real estate is helping businesses to stay on top of the latest trends in the market. It is displacing a few traditional methods, and the advantages of doing so are clearly outweighing the disadvantages, if any.

1 year

Blockchain and Developing Countries

Blockchain in developing countries may mitigate the problems in the existing infrastructure and become the vehicle for an egalitarian society.

1 year

Open Data For Business Intelligence

Apart from big data, businesses are making optimum use of open data - data that is inexpensive, easily accessible, and a profitable resource goldmine.

1 year

Humans vs. AI: Who is Better at Building Relationships

On the verge of becoming a transformational technology, Artificial Intelligence is now building relationships with humans. It would be interesting to see what follows.

1 year

Revolutionizing Defense with Blockchain

The defense industry involves a lot of coordination among different teams to keep projects on track. This task becomes even more complex because governments are involved in planning and execution of assignments. As a result the potential of the blockchain technology in defense is being explored to end the existing complexities in the operation of this sector.

1 year

5 IoT Trends You Cannot Miss in 2018

IoT connects all objects to interact with each other using a wireless protocol to add seamless connectivity in human life. In 2018, some exciting IoT trends await us.

1 year

Transforming Risk Management with Predictive Analytics

Every task involves some amount of risk, and companies focus on managing these risks in a way so that they can avoid these threats and minimize the losses that ensue. Businesses are transforming risk management to avoid these losses.

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