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11 months

What Defines a Smart CBS?

There has been a gigantic metamorphosis of sorts in the role of a bank's core-banking system over the last few years. From underpinning the core of branch banking, it is now expected to be all-pervasive and evolve into a 24*7 service delivery channel with anywhere, anytime banking facility. Increasing consumer demands, existing technical limitations and a dire need to lower costs are collectively veering banks and financial institutions towards core-banking transformation (CBT) and digital re-imagination of their services.

11 months

Big Data Shaping the Pension Industry of the Future

Big data surrounds the future of the pension industry to transform the quality of life for pensioners. Big data technologies aim at storing, analyzing, searching, querying, and updating of large volumes of data along with maintaining the privacy. Big data exhibits the 4 Vs (volume, variety, velocity, veracity). Big data applications are innumerable ranging from banking, healthcare, insurance, and now the pension industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), 2 out of 5 older American households depend on pension as their primary source of income. This states the necessity of big data technology in improvizing the future of the pension industry.

11 months

2 Reasons why the Insurance Industry needs Big Data

Having an insurance helps us rest assured that our lives and belongings remain safe in case of an accident or an emergency. Big data in insurance would help businesses in various ways such as knowing their customers and coming up with the best offers for them.

11 months

Recycling with Blockchain. How cool is that!

Improper waste management has put plastic in our oceans and has endangered several species of marine life. Failed attempts at penalizing polluters and recycling-at-source have put us at more risk than ever before. However, companies are now trying to use blockchain for recycling to effectively carry out recycling campaigns and reduce waste flowing into oceans.

11 months

Rewiring Business Operations with Blockchain

Businesses prefer the efficient operation of processes that result in a hike in their sales. With technologies assisting organizations in automating several processes, rewiring business operations with blockchain helps in ensuring that all the processes are working correctly and yielding better results.

11 months

No Stop Run for Cobol!

When people mention COBOL, it's usually either met with a scoff or a groan, conjuring up unimpressive images of programmers trying to maintain mission critical business applications using thousands of lines of code. The antiquated language no more enjoys the lionized position that it did a few decades ago. And with reports of its waning popularity making rounds every few years, one may want to revisit its relevance in the current scenario.

11 months

Top 5 Admin Dashboard Design Trends

The admin panel is the backbone of every sophisticated management system, may it be a CMS, an HRM or a CRM, there is one for every deal. Being a professional and experienced web design company, we have seen more admin panels than anything else in our span of operation. Admin panel not only helps organise things at one place, it also provides a great control over several things at once.

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