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Let's SMAC that Business!

SMAC (short for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is an emerging paradigm in the business world, following close on the heels of the emergence of a full-blown Internet economy. It refers to a symbiotic integration of the four major pillars of digital transformation, namely - Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, which has a potential to revamp the way we do businesses today. 

1 year

Is Technology Leading to a Polarized World?

Specific trends around the world, in the recent times, have put forward a blunt question before the economic analysts – Is technology causing polarization?

1 year

Diversifying Investment with Blockchain

Investment holds importance as people invest their money into something with the expectation of making a profit. Diversification of investment encourages people to rely less on a single investment and allocate resources to different investments, thus reducing the risk factor.

1 year

Are Fintechs a Danger to Traditional Banks?

In the last few years, banks have suffered as fintechs have provided people with functionalities that were once unavailable to them. Fintech threat to banks has caused the latter to rethink its model of service delivery and administration.

1 year

Big Data's Role in Investment Management

The buzz around big data and its success stories have added enough to the technology’s credibility for asset managers to look at big data in investment as an effective technique to manage their portfolios.

1 year

What High Tech Can Learn from the Military and Aerospace Industries

Whether you’re the director of operations at a SMB or the vice president of engineering at a global enterprise, achieving operation excellence is your number one responsibility; however, a flatter manufacturing world — with globally dispersed supply chain teams — has made overseeing product development processes more challenging.

1 year

How Blockchain Technology Will Change The World

The world of money and finance is changin­­g fast. Digitized assets and new financial channels, instruments and systems are creating new paradigms for financial transaction and conduits of capital. You’ve probably heard of the terms Bitcoin, which at its essence is digital cash, and blockchain technology that enables transactions.

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