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Big Data for the Changing Needs of the Healthcare Industry

Big data is revolutionizing the way we that handle data through every sector. After having made remarkable improvements in astronomy, retail sales, and search engines, big data is now transforming healthcare. The volume of data involved in healthcare studies and analysis makes it a perfect use-case for big data technology.

1 year

Blockchain’s Growing Role in Search Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of informing people about your organization and its activities, using digital platforms, to increase your customer base eventually. The blockchain is a disruptive technology that has transformed several industries. Blockchain digital marketing is now a similar attempt in the field of digital marketing.

1 year

Blockchain Will Help You Grow Personally

People continuously strive for growth. From growing professionally to improving as an institution, everybody knows the importance of progressing in the field they belong. Blockchain helps personal development by enriching certain aspects of human lives with its pathbreaking technology.

1 year

Why Scaling up Too Soon is Bad for Business?

"Know your business, nail it, excel in it before you scale up and rise in size" Startup wisdom. Some 5-6 years ago when reality shows were ruling the stage of Indian television, there were a lot of reality singing talent shows. I was watching one of that singer hunt shows where a candidate gets rejected, but before he left, one of the Judges gave him a fantastic advice. She said, Rehearse more, practice more and don't worry if it takes time. The more time it takes, the stronger your flight would be.

1 year

13 Conversion Rate Hacks to Get Consumers Buying

One of the main goals of an online business is conversions, to get the site visitors do something the company wants them to do. This is something that is easier said than done. You may have thousands of visitors on your site every single day, yet your conversions can stay way below where you want them to be.

1 year

A Simple Guide to Setting up Your First Email Campaign

You’ve probably realised that email marketing can work wonders for your business, like it does for 59% of marketers who consider it as their most effective channel of revenue. (WordStream)

1 year

The Age of Super Intelligence

It is not only the change, but ‘the rate of change’ also that is increasing as we are moving forward in the journey of human evolution. All will agree that the most prominent contribution has come due to the widespread use of Internet, digital and computational technologies. Due to the ever-increasing speed of processing of digital computation, solutions to the new problems are becoming feasible.

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