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1 year

Drones and Law Enforcement

Drones have focused on providing people with the ability to reach places where physical presence was not possible. Law enforcement drones would further focus on protecting lives by empowering the officials with an extra set of aerial eyes and reducing the risk of loss of life.

1 year

Big Data is Comforting Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are considered as the roots of a family; their health is considered is a prime concern for everybody. Technology has proved its worth in the healthcare industry and big data for senior citizens is just another spectacular application where technology focuses on human well-being.

1 year

Will Technology Replace Workers in the Manufacturing Sector?

Reports of technology and automation in manufacturing replacing enormous chunks of workers have raised fear among the working class over their future. We look at the basis of these claims of ‘job apocalypse’ and bring to light certain new prospects for affected workers that were ushered in the dark by these scaremongering reports.

1 year

FinTech Terms Deciphered - An Understanding for Everyone

FinTech is rapidly changing the world - as any FinTech enthusiast will tell you a hundred times! But what’s with all the lingo? Despite the brouhaha, getting what’s exactly happening can be hard. You'll find some banking terms, some technical jargons and some lingo unique to FinTech as a whole!

1 year

Blockchain and Big Data

Big data and blockchain are the two tech trends taking over almost all our attention. One is transforming data management while the other is changing the nature of transactions altogether. Could they create an even more significant impact on the industries by binding together – big data for blockchain or blockchain for big data?

1 year

Why Amazon is Interested in Bone Conduction

Amazon's Lab126 is rumored to be working on bone conduction. It could be packaged in an "eyeglasses-attachment" or "headband" that speaks to you by vibrating the bones in your skull. It's called bone conduction.

1 year

3 Big Data Use Cases in the Retail Industry

The relevance of big data is only rising in every sector. The retail industry is not holding back on this front as well! No wonder big data use cases across the retail industry, today, abound.