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3 months

Reflecting on the 2018 Tech Predictions

A year goes by so quickly. The one minute you’re at the beginning, wondering what the next 12 months will bring. Before you know it, you’re at a Christmas party. Ok…… perhaps it’s not that swift, but it sometimes feels like that. In the tech world, a year is a very long time, though. So much progress takes place in 12 months, and it’s only when you look back at a perspective written 12 months prior, do you realize how much the landscape has moved. 

3 months

Cryptojacking is Emerging as a Menace for Corporations

The growing adoption of blockchain and the seemingly continued bullishness of the cryptocurrency market have led to the rise of cryptojacking, which impacts the target’s processing capabilities, unlike other forms of cyber threats which impact the target’s data.

3 months

How the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are Protecting Wildlife from Poachers

Wildlife is on the verge of extinction due to a rise of poaching activities. World governments are protecting endangered wildlife by using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), with the aim to fix this serious issue.

3 months

How to Avoid Creating a Psychopathic AI

The world’s first psychopath AI serves as a reminder that although newer, improved, and increasingly complex algorithms continue to be developed, the need for good, unbiased data will always be paramount.

4 months

Are We Nearing the End of Email?

[email protected] That was my first email account in 7th grade.

4 months

Drones will Benefit Farmers in these 3 Ways

Drones play an essential role in revolutionizing agriculture. By adopting drones, farmers can increase crop yields, reduce time and efforts invested, and significantly gain maximum return on investment.

4 months

Should We Fear the Singularity of Artificial Intelligence

Although the concerns expressed by influential figures and the general public regarding the possibility and the potential effects of the singularity are not completely invalid, there is still a long way to go before artificial intelligence (AI) can become competent enough to overtake humans.