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3 months

Mining Bitcoin

Throughout 2018, Bitcoin’s price has slowly fallen from the highs near $20,000 to roughly $4000 today. Opposite this massive decrease in price, though, is the hash rate on the Bitcoin network: it has mainly gone up in 2018, starting the year averaging less than 15 exahashes per second, now averaging in the 30-40 exahash range, with a peak in November of ~60 exahashes. An exahash? That's a billion gigahashes per second, or a billion billion -- that's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 -- hashes per second. That's a lot of hashes.

3 months

Ethereum & ConsenSys —  A Tale of Resilience

Imagine you had US$5 billion. Just as a thought experiment, imagine that you had US$5 billion to do with as you pleased. What are the things you’d buy? Would you quit your job? Go on a lifetime holiday? Buy a new house? A plane? A yacht? A car? Seriously, close your eyes and imagine for just a few minutes, what you’d do with US$5 billion. Because late last year and towards the early months of this year, Consensys and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin was worth about that much money. And according to Forbes, Lubin was the second-richest person in the cryptosphere, based largely on reports that he owned (personally) between 5% and 10% of all Ether in circulation, which at the time had a market value of US$100 billion and was trading around US$1,389.

3 months

Why You Should Be Automating Follow-Up Emails

There are many ways for businesses to communicate with customers, but email stands out as the leading method for marketers. It’s easy and inexpensive and allows you to reach a large audience. But you do have to take steps to ensure that your campaigns have every chance of success. 

3 months

We’re the Ghost in the Machine

Worried about being taken over by robots? Here’s another thought: We are becoming robots. We’re merging with machines.

3 months

Are we Heading Towards a Convergence between Blockchain, IoT and AI?

The inevitable convergence of blockchain, IoT, and AI can form an impactful combination of security, interconnectivity, and autonomy to revolutionize the way things are done.

3 months

The Age of Digital Colonialism

For the first time in Australia’s history, we no longer own or control all of our critical infrastructure. And to that list we can add any country which isn’t the USA or China. Welcome to the age of digital colonialism.

3 months

When Credit Card Security Goes Wrong

Security should protect and enable. Not deny and frustrate.  

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