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2 months

Robots are on Their Way to Disrupt these 7 Industries

The rise of robots in various industries is making life easier for humans. Autonomous robots are taking over roles involving high precision, monotony, and risk.

2 months

The Internet of Things and Fleet Management

The internet of things (IoT) plays a valuable role in making fleet operations efficient, secure, affordable, smart, and eco-friendly. IoT will soon revolutionize the fleet management industry.

2 months

Minimizing Train Delays with Machine Learning

Machine learning can improve rail travel both in the long and the short-term by minimizing train delays and ensuring high service quality. Train delays can be really frustrating and disruptive, especially if you frequently commute by train for work. In addition to the trains being late, the fact that most predictions You might end up feeling so annoyed, you’re almost sure the railway operator has something personal against you.

2 months

IoT Standardization and Implementation Challenges

The rapid evolution of the IoT market has caused an explosion in the number and variety of IoT solutions. Additionally, large amounts of funding are being deployed at IoT startups. Consequently, the focus of the industry has been on manufacturing and producing the right types of hardware to enable those solutions. In current model, most IoT solution providers have been building all components of the stack, from the hardware devices to the relevant cloud services or as they would like to name it as “IoT solutions”, as a result, there is a lack of consistency and standards across the cloud services used by the different IoT solutions.

2 months

Digital Transformation in the Legal Industry

Digital transformation in the legal industry has been slow, but as benefits are becoming more obvious, legal firms are adopting digital technologies to improve their services.

2 months

Books that Influenced Elon Musk

Elon Musk is considered to be one the greatest entrepreneurs of this generation. He manages some of the fanciest companies in the world like SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Open AI. But he didn't become a superstar overnight. It took him years of dedication, struggle and hard work to achieve his dreams. Here are 12 books that inspired him to succeed in his career. 

2 months

DDoS Attack: A Wake-Up Call for the Internet of Things

Welcome to the world of Internet of Things (IoT) wherein a glut of devices are connected to the internet which emanates massive amounts of data. Analysis and use of this data will have real positive impact on our lives. But we have many hoops to jump before we can claim that crown starting with a huge number of devices lacking unified platform with serious issues of security standards threatening the very progress of IoT.