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The Robot Future Led By Humans

Can you run a complex algorithm for me that will save me time and make my company more money? Sure, Joe, I will get right on that. This might not be how we interact with artificial intelligence (AI) today, but it may not be far off. The future of work is a growing conversation with a 40% increase on social networks globally with Germans holding a slight edge at a 42% increase. Could the automation of more complex tasks be on the horizon?

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Be Responsible with Money when Starting a Startup

Struggling is a way of life it seems. As I juggle hard every morning through the Delhi traffic to make my way to the startup where I work. I do realize struggles are a part of our life and so are managing your finances. The same applies to the life of an entrepreneur who is nurturing his or her startup.

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6 Free Tools from Google to Improve your Online Business

So, you have successfully set up an online business and you are desperately waiting for people to buy from you. You are constantly looking at the sales report to find that upward spike. There are occasional crests and bows, here and there, but mostly it’s a flat ride home. Well, it’s about time you take the next steps in your journey to a successful business.These steps don’t need you to spend money because the G for generous – Google is here to help. 

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This is Why you Must Consider Open-Source IoT Solutions

IoT brought a wave a new wave of innovation with itself, encouraging developers to use open-source IoT solutions to create ‘smart things’ that stood out of the box.

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Is Communication the Reflection of Our Personality?

Globalization has brought in many changes, especially, in the recent times. The world has become a smaller and closer place, with people migrating across all parts of the world; visiting family, friends, and on work. Technology is another aspect which is linking all of us. And, how we continue to ‘communicate’ in the right manner is most essential, in all these changes.

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Are you Ready for a Digital Revolution?

Technology is the greatest asset for a business today- It's a plain and simple fact. Globalization and the limitless powers of the internet have changed the demographics of business which can cause deep and lasting changes in the ways businesses are done.

1 year

3 Latest Technologies, You cannot Skip About

As modern tech continues to make our lives easier and more productive, it is itself growing more advanced by the day. Each day a new technology replaces an old one with better applications and increased development rate.

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