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1 year

The Building Blocks of Successful Project Management

I’ve been successfully managing projects since past 15 years with little to no formal training in the same; a fact that I often use to inspire entrepreneurs-in-the-making.

1 year

Data Management, Blockchain and GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was formed by EU to streamline data protection. GDPR compliance is vital for businesses as it deals with the lawful use of information available to an organization.

1 year

The Idea of Giving Machines a Voice - Yay or Nay?

By giving machines a voice, the possibility of machines communicating with other machines as well as humans is becoming a reality. We are in the age of automation and are surrounded by smart devices that automate or allow people to be able to complete their tasks with least buffer time.

1 year

The Principles Behind DevOps

The face of modern IT has been changing swiftly, as data centers transition from physical infrastructures to virtual infrastructures. 'Cloud' applications extensively use microservices (small chunks of independent functions), deploy via containers and communicate via APIs.

1 year

Let's SMAC that Business!

SMAC (short for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is an emerging paradigm in the business world, following close on the heels of the emergence of a full-blown Internet economy. It refers to a symbiotic integration of the four major pillars of digital transformation, namely - Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, which has a potential to revamp the way we do businesses today. 

1 year

Is Technology Leading to a Polarized World?

Specific trends around the world, in the recent times, have put forward a blunt question before the economic analysts – Is technology causing polarization?

1 year

Diversifying Investment with Blockchain

Investment holds importance as people invest their money into something with the expectation of making a profit. Diversification of investment encourages people to rely less on a single investment and allocate resources to different investments, thus reducing the risk factor.