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Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important because all our data is stored on the web. A hack could put our credentials on the line. How blockchain can help in improving cybersecurity is interesting to see.

1 year

Demystifying Deep Learning

I consider myself strong in algorithms, data structures and programming. During the last few years, my interest to become an expert in deep learning technologies peaked.

1 year

Artificial Intelligence: The Dawn of the Thinking Machines

The recent news from Facebook about shutting down its AI system that developed a language of its own opened up the debate again about the “existential threat” that AI brings to our world. A similar news came a few months ago from Google. Google AI translation tool invented its own internal language.

1 year

The State of Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Ng, one of the most prominent Data Scientists in the world who has previously led teams at Google Brain and Baidu, is a Co-Founder of Coursera recently gave a talk at EmTech. As the TMS Lead in Singapore I wanted to distill his words of wisdom on aspects that I have noted are very important in my years working in the Artificial Intelligence space.

1 year

Blockchain and Tulip Bulbs: The Disquieting Silence of Regulators

Blockchain is on a mainstream tear. Over the Thanksgiving weekend alone, Coinbase — the United States’ largest exchange for trading blockchain’s blue-chip crypto currencies, bitcoin and ethereum — added over 100,000 discrete accounts in a little over 24 hours. Not surprisingly, both bitcoin and ethereum zipped to all-time-high valuations and continue to dominate market discussions in traditionally buttoned-up magazines and outlets.

1 year

Big Data in Telecom: A Big Bubble or A Big Opportunity?

As the Telecom industry goes through phases of troughs and crests, the one constant that marks the industry is the abundance of the types and volumes of data that it has. While the industry had great expectations of Big Data in the initial years, this vibrancy was followed by a period of doubt. Now, as things look up again, let us see how the trends have evolved over the last six years.

1 year

Where Do We Stand on Altered Reality?

“Pokémon Go: Meaningless Obsession or Augmented Reality Catalyst?” was a headline of a post I wrote in the summer of 2016 shortly before the gaming obsession hit full steam. Nearly 20 months after, where do we stand with the future of “reality”?

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