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Big Data in Startup/SME Environment

Previously, we spoke about the role of Big Data in Healthcare, and the response to the article has been nothing but phenomenal. This time, we have decided to tackle a whole section of the work environment that really links up with Big Data, giving shape to the Big Data Industry as well as truly utilizing what Big Data has to offer. In this article, we are going to discuss the impact of Big Data on the Startups and Small-Medium size Enterprises (SMEs).

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The Parallel Revolution

We are witnessing a new type of silent revolution that world has never experienced before. This revolution has speed, variety, diversity, and impact. The emerging technologies are not just changing any particular sector, but everything around us that we see. Technologies like IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, and of course AI have such a huge potential that it is silently disrupting everything.

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This is How You Can Use a Chat Bot to Drive Sales and Leads!

You’ve probably noticed a chatbot like this on a leading e-business website, where it would have politely greeted you and promptly answered your queries.

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Use Big Data to Act and not React

When organizations have a huge bulk of information at their hands, quick actions will assist them in reaping greater benefits. Proactive planning can help organizations quickly analyze the information at their disposal, rather than wait and react later.

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The Power of Push Notifications

Browser push notifications are the perfect addition to your digital marketing campaign. They literally get your message on a phone, tablet or computer screen instantaneously. It is the hottest technique in digital marketing to get your target audience easily on your website.

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Best E-Learning Resources for Business Professionals on the Internet!

One of the most fundamental ways of taking a profound control over your business is to understand its various aspects and to understand them well. Something, that is only possible if you keep your knowledge head to head with the hurrying time. So even if you have a billion-dollar company or you are just getting started; you will always find the need to continuously expand your skill set and get better at what you do.

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Internet of All Things

Dataism declares that the universe consists of data flows, and the value of any phenomenon or entity is determined by its contribution to the data processing.