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1 year

8 Technology Takeaways from 2017

2017 was an incredible year for technology. From innovations that made our homes smarter (like smart-speakers), to those that made us efficient at work (like AI) and those that made everything in between (e.g. our cars) better, technology has never felt as omnipresent as it did this past year.

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Decentralisation is Blockchain's USP

Blockchain has been a buzzword in the technology field for quite some time now. Features like decentralization, security, and openess to all make blockchain stand out as a technology.

1 year

Is Wireframing Dead? How Can Its Absence Affect Your Project?

Remember the kindergarten days when you used to get those coloring books with the outlines of pictures to fill color in? So that you would learn the art in a simplified yet systematic way. Wireframing is a lot like that.

1 year

Big Data is the Most powerful Currency

Big data consists of information from several sources and with different file formats. This data is crucial as it holds valuable insights. This value is fast being realized by organizations, making them treat as data as currency.

1 year

The Robot Future Led By Humans

Can you run a complex algorithm for me that will save me time and make my company more money? Sure, Joe, I will get right on that. This might not be how we interact with artificial intelligence (AI) today, but it may not be far off. The future of work is a growing conversation with a 40% increase on social networks globally with Germans holding a slight edge at a 42% increase. Could the automation of more complex tasks be on the horizon?

1 year

Be Responsible with Money when Starting a Startup

Struggling is a way of life it seems. As I juggle hard every morning through the Delhi traffic to make my way to the startup where I work. I do realize struggles are a part of our life and so are managing your finances. The same applies to the life of an entrepreneur who is nurturing his or her startup.

1 year

6 Free Tools from Google to Improve your Online Business

So, you have successfully set up an online business and you are desperately waiting for people to buy from you. You are constantly looking at the sales report to find that upward spike. There are occasional crests and bows, here and there, but mostly it’s a flat ride home. Well, it’s about time you take the next steps in your journey to a successful business.These steps don’t need you to spend money because the G for generous – Google is here to help.