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How Smart Manufacturers Get "Exotic Personalities" to Collaborate Nicely

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the dangers a company faces when one of its employees raves about Olive Garden. The issue isn’t that the Olive Garden lover is a problem employee — it’s that anyone tarred with the “Olive Garden lover” brush will unfairly get thrown under the bus when failures arise in a manufacturing company’s supply chain.

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Demystifying China's Cybersecurity Law

By now, most are aware of The People’s Republic of China’s new Cybersecurity Law which took effect June 1, 2017, in efforts to improve national cybersecurity for the largest digital shopping and mobile/internet based financial service markets in the world. Intense discussions and debate continue within government offices, multinational businesses and human rights circles regarding the new law’s uncertainty and vague sets regulations. Enforcement of localization for foreign firms has been delayed until Dec 31 2018 to provide time for companies to prepare for compliance which will often include costly upgrades in efforts to meet tighter government scrutiny while still maintaining as much control as possible over intellectual property.  

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Big Data: A State of the Union

Big Data. The keyword of the decade. Yet, it’s barely understood or often confused by so many. The idea behind Big Data is simple. Collect all the data you can (Volume), from multiple sources in any and all formats (Variety), as fast as you can (Velocity), and try to be sure the source provides useful, accurate and clean data (Veracity). The 4 V’s just mentioned, form the basis of Big Data.

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Medical Device Managers Share One Secret to Success

Many executives in the medical device industry—from founders of startups to the heads of billion dollar public companies—have long felt overly burdened by what they consider unduly complex approval processes. Frustrated executives bemoan how these directives impede innovation and delay the availability of better health care.

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Turn Disruptive Change Into a Competitive Advantage

The high tech industry is undergoing a sweeping transformation. This has meant an increasingly competitive market with more pressure to perform, but also introduces new business opportunities. 

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How to Avoid the FrankenCloud Monster

Are you afraid of so-called cloud applications that go bump in the night because they are fake? What about on-premise solutions that suck the blood out of your valuable engineering resources turning them into the walking dead trapped in a perpetual cycle of maintaining your system instead of developing new application features? The opportunity cost to a company is horrific. 

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Avoid the Dark Side of Quality Failure

There’s been a lot of talk about our Star Wars eBooks—maybe too much talk in my opinion. Look, we here at Arena don’t see ourselves as heroes. We’re just trying to create an all-in-one product development platform that enables innovative product companies to make great products, fast.

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