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3 Latest Technologies, You cannot Skip About

As modern tech continues to make our lives easier and more productive, it is itself growing more advanced by the day. Each day a new technology replaces an old one with better applications and increased development rate.

1 year

Is Machine Learning making a Difference?

Machine Learning (ML) has given a whole new meaning to data. It has, in all true sense, completely transformed the way we look at data and information. Even a minute detail can be very important for a business, and this is what this technology has made us realize. It has also become the foundation of various other new technologies and is supporting them to grow – Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are the perfect examples.

1 year

Conundrum Automation

A critical part of every company is becoming technology enabled, whether one is selling soap or providing services. Automation, quite rightfully, is one flight that people can't afford to miss. Everybody is looking at quick, easy wins in Automation to generate sweeping buy-in from stakeholders and move ahead or play catch up.

1 year

Role of a Researcher

Someone has rightly said “only a jeweler knows the right value of a diamond”. Doesn’t this proverb hold well for intellectual property as well? Who is the right person to contact if someone wishes to monetize his/her intellectual property assets? Before answering this question, let us first take this scenario to a different dimension. A dimension more relatable to the common masses i.e. Real Estate.

1 year

15 Lessons from 15 Years of Experience in IT

2017 commemorates 5 years since I began my company, Dikonia and more than 15 since I have been working in IT industry. As the year segues into another, it took me back to the days when my journey began. Nearly everything has changed since then, becoming the building blocks of the personality I hold today.

1 year

Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity industry has always been under constant strain from malware and cyber criminals. However, due to recent breakthroughs in machine learning and AI-enabled technologies, the cyber-security industry is no exception; security solutions are able to scale and automate their processes intelligently.

1 year

Blockchain: From Elite to Everyday

With the blockchain technology gaining popularity and its applications finding widespread acceptance, the masses are gradually realizing the importance of blockchain in daily lives.