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1 year

The Time for Change is Now

Singapore is gearing up even more as it evolves into a smart nation and becomes future ready. As a hotbed for entrepreneurship and the preferred Asian HQ for several MNCs, how are you preparing your organization for this shift? As the advent of technology makes the world more connected and markets “borderless,” how are you as a business handling the tougher competition to stay relevant and innovative? Let’s take a look at some of the initiatives and changes taking place, and what businesses can do to keep up instead of playing catch-up.

1 year

Named Entity Recognition

As the Text Metadata Services (TMS) Lead in Singapore, I wanted to share my knowledge by writing a short piece on an important aspect of Natural Language Processing (NLP) called Named Entity Recognition (NER). Named Entity Recognition is not to be confused with Named Entity Resolution. A simple example to distinguish between the two is that a machine reading a document might recognize a person, say William Henry Gates and a second person in the same document, say Bill Gates. Named Entity Resolution is a way in which these two names can be resolved to a single person whom we all know  as one of the founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

1 year

Event Tech: The New Frontier

Imagine looking up to see Sir Richard Branson hovering above you. Surreal? Most definitely. Even more bizarre is the fact that Branson’s dressed as Princess Leia and the Star Wars soundtrack is playing as he’s holographically beamed onto his own tennis court. The music fades and Branson delivers a tongue-in-cheek parody, much to the surprise and delight of the rapt audience.

1 year

Is Bitcoin Following Gold?

Bitcoin, like Gold is mined. There are finite amounts of each and there are costs of mining both. Gold is used as a trade currency, investment currency and a reserve currency. Bitcoin is rarely traded for real goods, barely classifies as an investment and is far from a reserve currency, despite what companies such as Magister Advisors would have you think.

1 year

Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important because all our data is stored on the web. A hack could put our credentials on the line. How blockchain can help in improving cybersecurity is interesting to see.

1 year

Demystifying Deep Learning

I consider myself strong in algorithms, data structures and programming. During the last few years, my interest to become an expert in deep learning technologies peaked.

1 year

Artificial Intelligence: The Dawn of the Thinking Machines

The recent news from Facebook about shutting down its AI system that developed a language of its own opened up the debate again about the “existential threat” that AI brings to our world. A similar news came a few months ago from Google. Google AI translation tool invented its own internal language.