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The Innovator's Dillema

Over the last year I've had the pleasure of getting an in depth understanding of the product development process at a small startup (just under 4 years old). I've had the chance to get involved in Design Sessions, Market Segmentation, User Journey, Minimum Viable Products (MVP), Unique Selling Propositions (USP) and Value Propositions.

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Should the Ripple be purchased now?

Bitcoin’s share of the crypto universe has dwindled from 93% in 2013 to 47% this year, as many new crypto-currencies have entered the market. 

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Crowd Labelling

In the 21st Century, the Data Science community commonly cited the three main ingredients for developing a good machine learning model: 1. Good quality data, preferably labelled 2. High Power Computing  3. Efficient, Precise and Accurate Algorithms

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Apple's Ultimate Smartphone

In 2007, Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone. It was first portrayed by Jobs as a combination of three revolutionary devices: a widescreen multi touch iPod, a mobile internet browser, and a phone. Repeating three shortening phrases, he then asked: "Are you getting it? ” It was then clear: The iPhone was all these packed into one. This year, Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of this device by lanching the iPhone X as the company's new flagship device. 

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Using Technology to Reduce Food Waste

Human activity has numerous impacts on biodiversity, but none is more significant than food production. Everything we eat represents a sacrifice, whether it is energy, water and wildlife habitat. As billions of tons of food are wasted annually, millions of people suffer from hunger — and the environment suffers from dangerous CO2 emissions.

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Linxo: The Multi-banking App

Linxo, one of the most promising French startups has recently raised $24 million from three financial institutions — Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Crédit Agricole and MAIF. The Fintech company aims to improve banking apps in the country, which are quite slow to adopt new features, such as fingerprint readers, widgets and more.  

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Apple & Accenture Have Joined Forces

Apple and Accenture have decided to work together to design new apps and experiences using new technologies. Both companies are partnering to help businesses transform how their people engage with customers through innovative business solutions for iOS.

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