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2 months

3 Challenges that are Holding Back Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is set to transform people’s lives, but there are some specific barriers that are hindering the technology’s progress towards reaching mainstream adoption.

2 months

Are you Afraid about Artifcial Intelligence's Future? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) looks bright. But as scientists strive to make AI systems smarter and more autonomous, there are serious concerns over the possibility of AI and robots taking over humanity.

2 months

When the Wrong Person Leads Cybersecurity

Succeeding at managing cybersecurity risks is tremendously difficult even for seasoned professionals. To make situations worse, poorly suited people are often chosen to lead security organizations, bringing about disastrous results. This has contributed to weaker risk postures for organizations and the rapid turnover in cybersecurity leadership.

2 months

Malaysia Considers Capital Controls & What It Could Mean for Cryptocurrency

On a particularly pleasant afternoon in Penang, I was about to pay for one of the Malaysian island’s most famous delicacies, char koay teow. The rice noodle-based dish is a rare treat, but on this unfortunate occasion, I had absent-mindedly left my wallet back at the hotel and with no physical currency to part with (I was not about to trade my mobile phone for some sustenance) had to take the walk of shame back to my hotel room, unsatisfied. Malaysia continues to remain a very strongly cash-based country.

2 months

Can We Trust Digital Assistants?

No doubt, digital assistants add comfort to our lives. But, incidents around privacy breaches force us to rethink whether our decision of trusting a digital assistant is right or wrong.

2 months

Is it Curtains for Cryptocurrency?

A friend of mine casually remarked the other day in the midst of the highly destructive Bitcoin Cash hash war — “but surely Bitcoin is now trading below the cost of mining? Isn’t there a minimum floor price?” Unfortunately, there is no floor when it comes to cryptocurrencies — the same way that there is no ceiling. To try to postulate what drives cryptocurrency prices one way or the other is akin to telling the future in tea leaves — whatever you’re looking for is there. The cost of mining Bitcoin differs from country to country and the figures that we do have for the cost of Bitcoin mining is an estimation at best.

2 months

6 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Applications that Will Blow your Mind

Despite the recent emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), several businesses have already developed numerous applications that can replicate human thoughts, performing superior cognitive and creative tasks.

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