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4 months

Will Blockchain Really Deliver as Promised or Will it be Just Another Overhyped Technology?

Some think that blockchain will fix the trust gaps in organizations when they transact with anonymous identities, while also increasing transparency, productivity, and efficiency in business. But, others believe that it is just an overhyped technology. So, what’s the ultimate truth about blockchain?

4 months

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Detect Brain Tumor and Lung Diseases

After revolutionizing various industry sectors, the introduction of artificial intelligence in healthcare is transforming how we diagnose and treat critical disorders.

4 months

Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

From automating and speeding up the process of designing new models of cars to enabling cars to drive themselves, digital transformation in the automotive industry is redefining the way vehicles are conceived, assembled, and operated.

4 months

Transforming Digital Businesses with Innovation

Transforming digital businesses from the old, conventional ways into new-age technological competent ventures requires elevation and optimization of all involved business resources.

5 months

Cannabis & Cryptocurrencies — Two Sides of the Same Coin

It’s not difficult to tell when James “Jimmy” Saunders is lighting up. The waft of weed is unmistakable. A potpourri somewhere between freshly cut grass in the spring and stale socks, his parents (who consider themselves hippies) have never restrained Saunders from indulging his habitual toke.

5 months

Apple, Walmart and IBM are Racing to Own Blockchain Patents

While few companies are still skeptical about blockchain adoption, there are companies racing to buy blockchain patents.

5 months

Uber’s Monthly Subscription and the Holy Grail for Subscription Economy: Hotels

This past November, Uber announced its much awaited monthly subscription service. Called the ‘Ride Pass’, the service allows users guaranteed set prices for a monthly fee. The service is available in Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, Denver, and Miami and costs $24.99 a month in Los Angeles and $14.99 a month in the other four cities.