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2 months

Is IoT as a Service a Thing Now?

The proliferation of the internet of things (IoT) due to its numerous benefits for both businesses as well as individuals can be further accelerated with the emergence and widespread adoption of the concept IoT-as-a-service.

2 months

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Design

Powering designers with speed and innovation in creating winning fashion designs, customizing products as per customer needs and demands, and making design alterations and adjustments, artificial intelligence (AI) in design has indeed become a one-stop solution for brands, helping brands gain a competitive edge.

2 months

Artificial Intelligence in the Apparel Industry

From outfit designing to spotting futuristic fashion trends to being a personal stylist to satisfying consumer experience, AI in the apparel industry will bring cutting-edge revolution and disruption that’s never been seen before.

2 months

8 Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms You Should Know About

Blockchain networks use a consensus mechanism among the various existing blockchains, based on the required resources and desired outcome.

2 months

Introducing Cobots

The rise of cobots will automate various business procedures and increase overall productivity in the workplace.

2 months

Building Intelligent Workplaces with AI and IoT

Business leaders are introducing the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace to enhance productivity, performance, and employee experience.

2 months

It Takes More than AI to Build a Successful Chatbot

No human involvement, round the clock access, and prompt replies cover almost all the USPs of a chatbot? Well, not that of an exceptional chatbot for sure. To build a successful chatbot, along with AI, companies need to focus on gathering critical data points so that chatbots handle conversations not just intelligently but appropriately.