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3 months

Cybercrime Reaches $1.5 Trillion – Security Must Change

Although not a complete picture, as data can be hard to come by and validate, researchers over at Bromium have estimated cybercrime to reach an unbelievable cost of about $1.5 trillion dollars. Take the numbers with a grain of salt, but the breakdown does give some understanding of the growing problem we face. Even if it were a tenth of this amount, it is enough to bring in flocks of burgeoning criminals to explore how they can get a piece of this pie. For organized criminals, it is worthy of doubling efforts to push this number further, making other illicit avenues of revenue pale in comparison.

3 months

Will Reputation Rise as a Measure of Trust?

Trust, security, and ethics are beginning to matter more in the world of business. Cambridge Analytica has reported massive customer abandonment due to persistent negative media coverage and public sentiment around the questionable collection and use of over 87 million personal records harvested from social media. 

3 months

Understanding Emotions with Chatbots

While it is difficult for people to understand each other, technology seems to have conquered this shortcoming. By leveraging the power of deep learning, chatbots can now understand emotions. 

3 months

Bitcoin Futures are Not the Future of Bitcoin

If you were a rice farmer in Japan before the 17th century, your life was one of constant toil, uncertainty and suffering. Although the costs of rice farming were more or less fixed, seeds, fertilizer, water and manpower, the ultimate price that you’d get at the market was like a game of Pachinko (a Japanese recreational arcade game that is typically used for gambling). During periods of bumper harvests, price of rice would fall and farmers would sometimes be left with less than the cost of their production (there is only so much sushi you can eat) and at other times, during poor harvests, rice prices would soar and farmers would get rich (provided they had survived the previous good harvest).

3 months

2018 - Bitcoin's Best Ever Year

Yes, 2018, the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, was the best ever year for the original cryptocurrency. 

3 months

The Time to Act on IoT Security in Healthcare Development is Now

The projected growth in the number of data gathering and sharing devices, and the consequent increase in security risks in the next few years, necessitates an immediate focus on IoT security in healthcare delivery organizations.

3 months

Money Could be So Much Better

Reach into your wallet and if you’re lucky, you probably have some crisp green notes inside. Take them out. Feel the cotton-linen blend between your fingers (that’s right greenbacks are not made of paper as the rappers would have you believe, they’re made of cotton and linen) and notice that unmistakable smell that is money. There’s nothing quite like having that tactile experience of money — better yet if that money has a portrait of Benjamin Franklin on it. From Rai Stones to seashells, mankind’s experience, encounter and regard for things of value has evolved throughout the ages and even today we’re evolving. Because that greenback that you just molested, is probably the closest you’ll get to government-issued money again as you go about your day.

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