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1 year

Internet of Things for fashionistas

Internet of Things (IoT) has found its way into the fashion industry taking it to a whole new level. This revolutionary technology has something in store for everyone – fashion buffs, designers, retailers, and fashion market in general.

1 year

5 Ways to Turn Big Data into Insights

No matter how vast your big data sources are, if your company does not devise the right methods to garner meaningful insights from it, the data is of no avail.

1 year

Chatbots for Conversational Commerce

As consumers are getting increasingly involved in messaging apps, companies are now partnering with tech firms to increase user interaction through chatbots. This initiative has developed into a whole new domain called Conversational Commerce.

1 year

5 Blockchain Predictions to Watch Out for in 2018

Blockchain is here to stay. In the following article, we will provide you the latest predictions in 2018 to showcase that the blockchain technology will continue to gain traction rapidly in numerous fields.

1 year

Big Data for Greener Fields

If tractors transformed farming in the Middle Ages, big data is set to revolutionise agriculture in the modern era. Get ready for some big action with big data in agriculture!

1 year

Web App Vs. Mobile App, What Does Your Business Need?

Having a sophisticated app is undoubtedly an ultimate productivity tool well tailored to business needs. But most businesses fail to understand what kind of app will work best for them.

1 year

Preparing Your Business for Blockchain

Leveraging the blockchain technology helps marketers transform their business and digitize their transaction workflows smoothly and efficiently.