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2 years

Demystifying A.I.

With all the hype around “AI” and Machine Learning, I thought that I’d dabble in unpacking some of the key concepts. I find that most of my reading time now is spent in this area.

2 years

What Might Juicero do Next?

Earlier in the year, hardware startup Juicero, found itself facing questions from skeptics about the $399 price of its juicer and also, if their core product - the juicer - was even needed in the first place to squeeze fresh juice. 

2 years

How Honesty Made Me the Billionaire I Am Today

My name is John Papageorge. I assume many of you have heard of me. Perhaps you’ve made my acquaintance at one of my opulent parties held at my palatial estate in Pacific Heights overlooking the bay.

2 years

AI: Artificial Intelligence or Alternative Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is today’s buzzword that has been buzzing around more frequently with higher and ever-increasing intensity every passing day. Reason is as clear as a crystal: Its power and possibilities it can create.

2 years

How to Improve your Website's Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of developing and sustaining any online business. A good SEO strategy not only affects how many people arrive at your site, but also your ranking on the search engine results pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as your reputation on the Internet. 

2 years

Blockchain: Why It is the Future of Technology and Banking

Bitcoin is the flavour of the year, polarising many investors, and even laymen, who do not know its real benefits. Despite fears and concerns, the cryptocurrency is considered a great asset to invest in. The blockchain technology is central to bitcoin’s success.

2 years

Why Technology Cannot Fix Nigeria - Part 2

Nigeria is a rich country with plenty of natural resources, an amazing array of cultures and a labour force matched by only a handful of powerhouses in the world. Given that technology is not enough to fix a country, an important question remains to be answered as to how technology can support Nigeria’s economic revolution.