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3 Big Data Use Cases in the Retail Industry

The relevance of big data is only rising in every sector. The retail industry is not holding back on this front as well! No wonder big data use cases across the retail industry, today, abound.

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Blockchain & Internet

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way we transact by giving the world a new domain of currency – the cryptocurrency. But, blockchain has the potential to do more than just transactions. In this article, we look at possible use-cases of blockchain and address the chatter around blockchain being the new Internet.

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Augmented Intelligence

One of the greatest hurdles that humanity faces is that our thinking abilities cannot exceed a certain number, whereas computers equipped with efficient artificial intelligence strategies exhibit much faster thinking abilities and can become even smarter. Winning a chess game against smart computers is extremely difficult for humans because their opponents possess powerful artificial intelligence systems that can outperform any strategy. 

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Top 3 IT outsourcing trends to watch in 2018

Outsourcing helps organisations meet internal talent gaps and business needs in a cost effective way. As Tech Republic states, about 31% of IT jobs were outsourced in 2017 and the same trend is only expected to grow in 2018.

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Lean Organizational Structures are the way to Self Organization

Agile is the new silver bullet, the savior for many projects in crisis. The Agile manifesto lays great emphasis on self organization when one of the principles states - The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. Indeed, a motivated team that can self organize itself will do wonders. One of the key impediments often associated with self organization are organizational hierarchies and managers.

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What Big Data promises the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a revolution because of exclusive technological breakthroughs in this sector. Big data in manufacturing is enabling informed strategies and creating the roadmap to the future.

2 years

Geospatial Big Data

Geospatial big data is a massive chunk of spatial dataset that cannot be processed using standard computer systems. We explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding the growth of geospatial big data further in this article.