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2 years

Blockchain and Postal Services

One single example of the application of blockchain and the benefits that followed are enough to trigger curiosity for several other fields to follow. Traditional postal service is, interestingly enough, one of the oldest ways of transporting our parcels from one part of the country to another. Being the oldest means of transportation for mail and money, postal services have been known to all households. So why are we suddenly talking about the application of blockchain in postal services?

2 years

What is Driving the Internet of Things?

The advancements in information and the expansion of technology are the key forces driving IoT. The last time when the world witnessed a path breaking innovation was in the year 1995. Cell phones introduced in that year facilitated a global technological shift. Then came along the Internet, which changed the way we acquire information, by speeding up the process drastically.

2 years

Top-down vs. Bottom-up Innovation. A Battle For Resources.

Buried in the basement. The other day I ventured down to the basement of my apartment building in Manhattan. Early for a scheduled meeting with our carpenter, I wandered away from the standard corridors, into a warren of small rooms and storage areas. I discovered workshops, break rooms, and archives not recorded on our floor plans, and unknown to me.

2 years

5 Common Biases in Big Data

Biases in big data, intentional or unintentional, can lead to erroneous judgments and inferior business outcomes. Today, businesses are aware that a huge part of their decision-making is impacted by big data. The large availability of data does not warrant its relevancy and neither does the analysis of big data by data scientists and analysts, as human judgment can sometimes be flawed.

2 years

Blockchain is Transforming our Society and Economy

Transformation with blockchain has enabled new and state of the art technologies to reform the way we exchange value. Considered as the second generation of the Internet, blockchain was introduced with the aim to ease and secure transactional processes. Although a relatively new technology, blockchain is booming. In 2017, the global market for the blockchain technology became as big as 339.5 million U.S. dollars in size and is forecasted to grow to 2.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.

2 years

The Importance of Competitive Intelligence

As businesses strive to become pioneers in their respective fields, smart insights could prove helpful in this pursuit. Competitive intelligence lends that helping hand to your aspirations.

2 years

Internet of Things and Information Governance

Information governance will enable enterprises to utilize IoT to its maximum potential. Organizations tend to underestimate data and its governance. With the rise of IoT, interconnected devices are generating data like never before!