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2 months

Applications of Natural Language Generation

Although the field of natural language processing keeps burgeoning, the reversal of the process, i.e., natural language generation remains a harder challenge while also promising greater outcomes for businesses.

2 months

Steps to Consider While Implementing a Zero Trust Security Model

Centered on the principles of ‘verifying before trusting anything and everything,’ zero trust security model promises to be an infallible cybersecurity approach meant for preventing the skyrocketing security attacks.

2 months

Leveraging Digital Twins to Enhance Customer Experience

Business leaders can develop digital twins that help blur the line between the virtual world and the physical one to offer better products and to enhance customer experience.

2 months

Why Are Smart Sensors Important to Manufacturing?

You may have a general understanding of sensors, including what they do and why they're important, but smart sensors introduce a new and exciting wrinkle. The manufacturing industry, thanks to Industry 4.0, stands on the brink of one of the most impressive leaps forward since the introduction of steam power -- and sensors are in many ways the heart of it all.

2 months

Alternatives to Blockchain that Businesses Must Consider

Blockchain, due to the hype and misinformation surrounding it, may seem like an omnipotent technology. However, it may not be the best solution for every application that may require transparency or decentralization. Businesses must also consider the available alternatives to blockchain before green-lighting blockchain projects.

3 months

Quantum Computing Applications

While technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT continue to become more refined and capable of performing more complex tasks, hardware systems that can support these technologies and enable high-performance must also be developed. Among the different methods of supporting the growing processing requirements, quantum computing holds the most promise.

3 months

IPA is Knocking at the Doors of the Recruitment World

Recruitment automation will allow talent acquisition teams to automate their recruitment workflows, right from candidate sourcing to resume screening to interview scheduling to automated data entry, thereby benefiting recruiters by increasing their efficiency at work.