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2 months

ICOs are the “Faux-Fur” of the Crypto World

Bitcoin Blitz and The Psychology behind the ICO Hype

2 months

The Next Evolution of Robots in the Entertainment Industry

Robots are redefining the film industry by assisting movie directors in the filmmaking process. Talk about incredible!

2 months

21 Content Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

In the business world, there are majorly two types of businesses, and they are:

2 months

Conventions & Cryptocurrencies

The institutions of American governance are curious in their reliance on convention. Which is all fine and dandy when you consider that conventional mindsets and more importantly, conventional minds prevail. But throw a spanner in the works and its easy to see how quickly and easily these conventions can thrown by the wayside. Take for instance a presidential candidate’s release of their tax returns — it’s not the law, it’s a convention. And the independence of the Federal Reserve from the Administration? A convention as well. So it should have come as no surprise that exactly one month ago, President Donald Trump railed against the Fed that the Fed had gone “crazy” by tightening monetary policy.

2 months

Drones are here to set these 5 industries on fire

Smart, self-operated drones are revolutionizing different industries by transforming the way businesses and individuals perform functions that involve continuous supervision and efficient transportation.

2 months

An Ode to the Crypto Stayers

When cryptos fall, as they often will, 

2 months

Are Cryptocurrencies Getting Weaker or is the Dollar Getting Stronger?

If you were in stocks in October, the rout in tech stocks and the overall malaise would have had you reaching for your pumpkin spice fix. And amidst the sharp drops in oil and European stocks, the dollar continued to ascend its peak for this year. Investors have ignored fiat currencies at their peril since the dollar started its slow ascent in April, around the time when cryptocurrencies also started their long slide, like an old man getting into a warm bath, even the new digital asset class was not spared global economic shifts.

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