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5 months

Are We Nearing the End of Email?

[email protected] That was my first email account in 7th grade.

6 months

Drones will Benefit Farmers in these 3 Ways

Drones play an essential role in revolutionizing agriculture. By adopting drones, farmers can increase crop yields, reduce time and efforts invested, and significantly gain maximum return on investment.

6 months

Should We Fear the Singularity of Artificial Intelligence

Although the concerns expressed by influential figures and the general public regarding the possibility and the potential effects of the singularity are not completely invalid, there is still a long way to go before artificial intelligence (AI) can become competent enough to overtake humans.

6 months

7 Ways Corporations Can Listen and Watch Everything You Do

The once-scandalous news of companies spying on you may no longer be a surprise or a matter of concern for most of you, but knowing the ways they can do it can help you be a little more conscious regarding how you give away information, both online and offline.

6 months

The Two Sides of the Net Neutrality Debate

The net neutrality debate, irrespective of the popular opinion of implementing it, has also given us reasons not to implement it in our lives.

6 months

The Role of Telepresence Robots in the Educational Sector

The introduction of telepresence robots in education has made learning more accessible and more engaging for students by bridging the physical disconnect between teachers and students.

6 months

How AI, IoT and Big Data Analytics are Transforming Digital Marketing

Advanced technologies like big data analytics, IoT, and AI are revolutionizing digital marketing by providing in-depth information on customers, based on their interests, preferences, and demands.