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5 months

Effective Data Science Presentations

If you’re new to the field of Data Science, I wanted to offer some tips on how to transition from presentations you gave in academia to creating effective presentations for industry.

5 months

Getting into Data Science FAQs

I often see similar questions in my inbox or asked in webinars. I’d like to set the record straight with data. However, I didn’t need to start from scratch, there was an excellent article on KD Nuggets by Jeff Hale. Here is the link to his article: “The Most in Demand Skills for Data Scientists”. He had already scoured multiple job search site and aggregated data on the demand for different skills for data scientist. I recreated some of his analysis myself, so that I could come up with some points for this article, and to make sure his numbers matched mine before posting. The charts I created below are based on data from searches on only.

5 months

Cryptocurrency is the New Target for Cybercriminals

As predicted, the rise of cryptocurrency valuation has captured the attention of cybercriminals. New hacks, thefts, misuse, and fraud schemes are on the rise. Where there is value, there will be a proportional risk of theft. 

5 months

Cryptocurrencies & Chipmakers — A Tale of Two Crises

For decades, executives at some of the world’s largest chipmakers have enjoyed the lives of corporate fat cats. From business class travel to chauffeured Mercedes-Benz limousine service, these scions of the semiconductor world were riding high on a wave of optimism and global consumption of smartphones hitherto unprecedented and unparalleled. But it seems that the party may be ending in the semiconductor-sphere and not just because of the looming trade war between the United States and China, but because of the laws of physics as well.

5 months

Artificial Intelligence is our New Caretaker

Taking care of our loved ones has always been our priority, isn’t it? The present-day disruptive technologies play a significant role in revolutionizing home security, thereby making our job easier.

5 months

Debunking 5 Virtual Reality Myths

Although the technology has been well-received and widely adopted among the tech community, misinformation and myths about VR have led to undue caution, and have consequently slowed its mainstream adoption.

5 months

How Smart Homes Impact Our Lives

Smart homes just like our smartphones are a natural transition in the current climate of technology. Being able to control the temperature of your house from anywhere in the world is one way technology is helping to create convenience. Smart technology is an environmentally friendly choice by making sure we aren’t unnecessarily using energy, by being able to turn lighting on and off and making sure our thermostats are accurately set. Using the technology of smart homes is becoming easier and easier, in-home cameras and smart speakers are a few examples, one gives the convenience of being able to see into your home when and the other is able to make the interface hands free. Most smart technology is easily accessed from a smartphone or if you are in your home, smart speakers can easily pick up voice commands.