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2 months

How Blockchain and Virtual Reality are Reshaping the Art industry

After revolutionizing the finance and entertainment industries, respectively, blockchain and VR are now playing a combined, highly impactful role in transforming the art industry.

2 months

How to Spot the Next Cryptocurrency Wave

Ten years after the weekend that brought the global financial system to its knees, the most important lessons lie not in what has changed (very little that is not cosmetic), but in what hasn’t changed. The main causes of the last financial crisis, self-delusion and irrational exuberance, will likely be the cause of the next one as well. The same economic conditions and policies which drove Satoshi Nakamoto to write the Bitcoin whitepaper and mine the first Bitcoin genesis block still prevail.

2 months

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Photography

Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining photography by enabling high-quality image capture and processing images without requiring high-specification hardware.

2 months

Buying into Cryptocurrencies — Investing or Gambling?

Let me make it clear in no uncertain terms that cryptocurrency investments remain highly speculative. They do not have a track record beyond the tip of one’s nose and their use cases as well as the decentralized applications that are being built upon them continue to remain uncertain. That having been said, they also represent the greatest potential and possibility for technological revolution this side of the invention of the internet and no, Al Gore did not invent the internet. But just like the internet, cryptocurrencies have also gone through their boom and bust cycle and in this piece, I will examine why when it comes to investing for the future, investors, if they can even be called that, become gamblers in a seemingly never ending race to the peaks of euphoria and the seemingly bottomless fall to the depths of despair.

2 months

We Need to Give Cryptocurrencies More Time

The theory is attractive in its elegance and simplicity and is the clarion call of motivational-speaking gurus the world over,

2 months

Internet of Things and Food Safety

By enabling end-to-end monitoring of the supply chain, from the point of production to the point of sale and consumption, the internet of things (IoT) is improving food safety for people all over the world.

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