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2 years

Blockchain: Innovation & Privacy

Blockchain is currently being hailed as revolutionary as the invention of the internet, and the heavyweights in the finance and business sectors are already investing millions into its development. But for many, blockchain remains a complete mystery.

2 years

Digital Technology is Africa's Future

Africa has been the focus of global development efforts for the past few decades. Poverty and infant mortality rates are generally high and the continent is poorly equipped to combat the spread of disease, as the Ebola outbreak in 2014 showed. However, to some extent, the efforts have been successful; children’s participation in education has increased, gender inequality has decreased and the prevalence of HIV/AIDs has also declined. Africa is still a work in progress, and many experts believe that digital technology can act as the catalyst for change.

2 years

Blockchain: Moving from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web; an invention that was hailed as revolutionary and a catalyst for a whole new era of technological development – the rest is history. Society is now in many ways completely reliant on the internet, and its impact affects the world in virtually every aspect of peoples’ lives. Yet despite the seemingly unmatchable change that the world wide web has brought, similar revolutionary claims are being made once again today.

2 years

Digitalisation: Why It Should be a Priority for the C-Suite

The 21st century can certainly be described as the age of the Internet, and the business world is no exception to its influence – digitalisation is becoming the new big priority for the C-Suite.

2 years

Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence ?

The idea of a super-intelligent machine taking control of humans sounds like a far-fetched plot of a science-fiction novel. But in future societies, experts predict that super-intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role – and some are worried that it could be humanity’s greatest mistake.

2 years

The Development of AI and Robotics in China

At the turn of the century, China would not have been considered a leader in either the Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the robotics industries. But one technological revolution later, and times have changed; China is reaching the top.

2 years

The Next Big Technology Battleground

Our eyes are the next battleground for technology dominance. It’s not because of what’s happening now. It’s because of what happened in the past, and what’s coming next. Roughly 40 years back, the first PC was launched. Since then, several battles for technology dominance ensued.