Vartika Kashyap Society Guru

Vartika is India's #6 LinkedIn Top Voice 2017. She is a Marketing Manager at ProofHub. She has 6 Years experience in online digital marketing, brand optimization and SEO along with social media marketing and email marketing strategies. Vartika holds an MBA in Finance (Banking) & Marketing from the IBS Hyderabad.  


How to Be Confident, When You're the Only Woman in the Room

What it is like to be the only woman in a team? During my training period, I’ve been the only women in the class and I was quite normal with it. But now when I am working as a Marketing manager at ProofHub - a project management software for teahms, I have had an experience with someone for whom it was pretty much unusual to work in a room where the majority was of males.


Why You Need to Push Your Employees to Think Like Entrepreneurs

The one thing that a business owner wants from its staff is to come up with innovative ideas and execute them in a way that takes the business a notch higher.


The True Secrets to Staying Hungry for Success

There is a world of difference in being successful and staying hungry for success. There are plenty of examples of people who really could not keep up their drive for success when it matters. This is the reason that they ended up from being success stories to forgotten faces.


How to Practice Patience to be Successful

We can learn invaluable life lessons from a tree. His life begins from something as small as a seed. After a few months, it sprouts to a little sapling. This little sapling then grows into a small plant which over the course of a few months stands tall as a long tree.


Worst Leadership Qualities: How Many Does Your Boss Have?

We all have a horror story about a ‘bad boss’. An employee survey by BambooHR revealed 44% of employees said that a boss had been the main reason they left a previous job. Having been blessed with a great team at ProofHub, I know how important it is to give them the power. It’s about being a leader who will entertain the team and their vibes. Turns out, what qualities put on the bad vibes?