Vartika Kashyap Society Guru

Vartika is India's #6 LinkedIn Top Voice 2017. She is a Marketing Manager at ProofHub. She has 6 Years experience in online digital marketing, brand optimization and SEO along with social media marketing and email marketing strategies. Vartika holds an MBA in Finance (Banking) & Marketing from the IBS Hyderabad.  


Hire Top Talent, Then Get Out of Their Way

Nothing is more important than hiring the right people. Every single hiring you do comes with the power to impact the organisation in a big way. Great hires positively affect the work culture and bring new methods to innovate and grow. On the other hand, a single poor hiring decision can take the business to a downward spiral - costing the company on a much bigger level.


You Can't Do it All Alone

The world is changing every day, perhaps every minute. We see young entrepreneurs and business leaders breaking all norms and challenging the status quo in different ways.


5 Things to Do to Free Your Time

“I’m too stressed/occupied/exhausted/overworked/overburdened”— if this is something you often talk to yourselves or your mates, well, you’re definitely a person trapped inside the “too busy” circle.


Giving Up Should Never be an Option

Life wasn’t easy for him. Walt Disney, a man of action, persistence, dreams, and dedication, changed the world of entertainment and animation because quitting was never an option.


Keep Up The Faith, When Things Go South

At times, it gets really hard to stay “on” and feel awesome. I know you might be dealing with any of it: a job loss, breakup, rejection, delayed promotion, negativity at work, failure, divorce, a serious illness, or anything worse. Any of the sufferings is a horrible thing to go through because none of us is immune to life’s trials.