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Vishal is a business process consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow their startups using proven techniques. He also is a productivity geek and loves writing about his experiments and learning. For weekly insights on leading a happier and more productive life, you can subscribe to his newsletter here. Vishal holds an MBA in Marketing & Advertising from Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management Studies & Research.

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7 Ways to Handle Office Politics

Most people despise politics. For them, the term is synonymous with backstabbing, greed, betrayal, and sycophancy. It implies pulling others down or stepping on their toes to get ahead.


The Correlation Between Setting Goals And Becoming Productive

In the 1950s, Japan was recovering from the after-effects of World War II. The country was focused on growing its economy. A large population resided in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo, which were separated by 320 miles of train track. Large amounts of raw material and labor were transported on those rail lines. However, the mountainous terrain and redundant railway system meant each journey could take up to twenty hours.


In Praise of Smart Work

Imagine this. You are onboard a sinking ship. Everyone is busy draining the water out. But the water is filling in the ship faster than people can drain it out. The ship is still sinking.