High Energy Bills? Here Are Some of the Ways You Can Reduce Heat Loss

High Energy Bills? Here Are Some of the Ways You Can Reduce Heat Loss

Daniel Hall 10/11/2021
High Energy Bills? Here Are Some of the Ways You Can Reduce Heat Loss

Freezing temperatures during the winter are times when we have to keep ourselves warm.

Yes, we’re ready to pay for our energy bills during the winter because we want our houses to be warm. However, we don’t want money going down the drain, nor do we want over-increased energy bills for no apparent reason.

Sometimes, our winter energy bills aren’t higher just because we need more heating. There are numerous instances of collateral damage to our energy bills made by some flaws in our home's construction, which you may not be aware of.

In this text, we’ve decided to point out some of the main instances where heat can get lost without you knowing it. Alongside our examples of unpredicted and unnecessary heat loss, we’ll present some of the most convenient and easy solutions you can implement at your one home, which, after one investment, will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Best Tips on How to Reduce Heat Loss at your House

House Value

There are two most essential easy tricks and tips that will offer you a simple way to reduce heat loss during the winter season at your home. You may have already been aware of some of them, but some may still come as a surprise.  

Insulate Your House  

Investing in excellent insulation is probably the best way to cut down your energy bills and make your home a more comfortable and warmer place during the winter months. Warm air can easily escape from your house through your windows, doors, walls, floor, and even your roof. 

Thermal bridges and insulation can be a significant problem, especially for windows and doors. Luckily, we’ve got a relatively new plastic extrusion technology to come and save the day. Plastic extrusion is a process by which we get polymer composites to implement in the insulation process of composite doors.

For this reason, we recommend replacing all the traditional materials such as wood and aluminum, which most windows and doors are made of, with a durable plastic composite (polymer). Primo, a leading production and development partner for polymer composites, will cover you if you want to go down this road.

A revolutionary upgrade to your exterior door, polymer composites can offer a 0.65 W/m2k thermal transmittance, which compared to the 0.96 W/m2k thermal transmittances of a wooden leaf door is an astounding difference. Insulate your house properly today, reduce unnecessary heat loss, and save a great deal of cash by cutting the energy bills down.    

Invest in Proper Roofing 

Whether you’ve considered this or not, your attic is the one that can induce the formation of ice dams during the winter, which can lead to water damage on the roof and severe energy loss. In turn, severe energy loss will directly impact the increase of your energy bills.

To prevent such unnecessary heat loss, you should invest in a ventilation system for the attic and even out the insulation there so that air can circulate freely through your attic. Other than the attic, roof flashing also plays a significant role. 

Flashing is an extra layer that prevents leaks in the roofing at its intersections. At very low temperatures, the flashing can corrode, loosen, tear, and uplift. To prevent it, regularly inspect the roof flashing, along with the shingles, which should never be loose.

Therefore, investing in proper roofing is an equally essential step to take, other than adequate insulation for your windows and doors. To go the extra mile, you can also trim the trees around your house regularly and examine your gutters to remove branches, leaves, twigs, and debris which are the leading cause of clogs and water damages.  

How Else Can We Reduce Our Energy Bills Other than Saving Heat?

Energy Economists

Besides investing in proper insulation and roofing to keep warm and prevent heat loss from your house when the temperatures are below zero, you can also pay attention to what kind of appliances you purchase. For example, you should always opt for an extractor fan with a timer.

Your kitchen and your bathroom will need an extractor fan. But if you leave them on accidentally, they can chill your entire house unnecessarily. An extractor fan with a timer will turn off automatically and eliminate the risk of heat loss, thus not increasing your energy bills.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have a brighter picture of how important proper insulation and roofing are. They play an essential role in keeping your house warm without any unexpected heat loss that will only damage your budget monthly.

Roofing and insulation require some time, money, and effort, but once you do it properly, you’ll be at peace for years. Also, watch out for appliances staying on when you don’t need them. They, too, can cause a lot of energy waste. 

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