New Technologies for Industrial Eco Cleaning in 2020

New Technologies for Industrial Eco Cleaning in 2020

Felix Yim 02/12/2020 4
New Technologies for Industrial Eco Cleaning in 2020

The cleaning process is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of running a residential or commercial business.

Luckily, technology doesn't let us down, continually innovating and optimizing the processes. 

Another tricky aspect owners have to deal with is making their cleaning practices more eco-friendly. Tech has something for you in that department, too, introducing greener procedures into everyday usage. 

Let's examine the three vital aspects of making your industrial cleaning systems more efficient and better for the environment.

1. Software Tools

We'll start with the least obvious point. How can software help you innovate your cleaning? 

It's about the organization - if you run a business, you likely have a team of people managing these operations. Inefficiencies in their workflows can cost you money and supplies while increasing waste. 

Productivity tools, in general, are an excellent way to avoid such issues. However, it gets even better when you consider programs specifically designed as business cleaning software

Introducing them can help you with everything from staff delegation to stocking up on the necessities. 

2. Industrial Eco Innovations

The meat of this guide consists of new industrial technologies used for cleaning commercial spaces. 

In 2020, most of the innovation on the market revolves around disinfection, which makes sense. Still, you can employ these even post-pandemic to ensure your space is clean and polished. 

High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide

HPCD inhibits pathogens' growth and promotes general sterilization. As a result, it does wonders for commercial bathrooms and food alike. 

Plus, carbon dioxide is non-toxic, inexpensive, and available. The new patented technologies make it easy to sterilize spaces using this chemical.

Electrochemically Active Solutions

ECAS is not a novelty - businesses have been using it to treat drinking water for over 100 years now. Recently, though, companies started exploring new ways to apply these water-based cleaning solutions.

ECAS kills bacteria in seconds, more effectively than bleach or alcohol. Plus, you can generate them on-site, reducing the costs and negative impact of transport. 

Today, biological liquids are accessible to the general population. They're easy to use, too. Spraying them in the air and on the walls, floors, and tools ensures no germs get stuck on your devices. 

Pressure Washers

If you're dealing with spills and stains, a mixture of an appropriate solution and a good pressure washer will do the trick. 

You can also use this method in DIY, too, by getting nozzles for your regular hoses. As this oil stain removal company explains, pressure washing can rid you of anything from glycol to hazardous waste and battery chemicals. 

High-Intensity Ultrasound

Ultrasound can rid spaces of bacteria and microbes. This technology is 100% non-toxic and safe, and dental practice professionals have been applying it for years. Today, it also works as a surface disinfectant, especially when you want to avoid chemicals. 

Cold Air Plasma Systems

Cold air plasma jets effectively disinfect surfaces. They're best in hospital settings, but they work well in any other space with a lot of foot traffic. The plasma works on floors and tools alike, and once you've purchased the jet machine, it's relatively straightforward. 

Pulsed Light 

This one involves short, intense UV light pulses, instantly decontaminating infected areas. The bio-decontamination benefits you receive are fantastic. Note, however, that it's yet to enter full commercial use. 

3. Eco Cleaning Solutions

Finally, your business might not need machinery and such high-tech solutions for cleaning purposes. You can still take advantage of eco-friendly innovation in this field, though. 

More manufacturers are introducing commercial cleaning products. They boost efficiency, help the planet, and ensure your employees are staying safe. 

From mold inhibitors to non-chlorine bleaching, it's all available. You can get the same or even higher productivity levels from these green, organic brands. 

This year brought even more products, giving you a lot of flexibility in your choices. So, why not switch your regular solutions to these affordable, compassionate, healthier alternatives?

Eco Cleaning Solutions

The Bottom Line

Cleaning industry innovation is a trend that'll keep developing in the years to come. 

It helps you optimize the workflow to reduce waste and use new machines and supplies to make it greener. That way, you can do your part in helping the planet while advancing your business.

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  • Charles Hendrix

    Good article

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    You really convinced me to switch to more eco-friendly solutions

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    Small changes can make a difference !

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    Excellent info

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