Open Innovation In Fashion Supply Chain

Open Innovation In Fashion Supply Chain

Open Innovation In Fashion Supply Chain

H&M, the Swedish fashion giant, launched in March 2020 a service called Treadler to help smaller brands access its supply chain.


Image Source: H&M Group

The initiative allows Treadler’s clients to access and benefit from H&M Group’s expertise, long-term supplier partnerships and strategic sustainability work in order to help them overcome initial business barriers and accelerate sustainable change.

H&M aims to make fashion production more sustainable. 

What do you think, is "open innovation“ in fashion supply chain helpful for smaller sustainable start-up fashion brands?

Has it the potential to accelerate the relevance of smaller sustainable fashion brands?

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  • Lisa Belorus

    Respect to H&M !!

  • Romain Ranjith

    Swedish companies are admirable :)

  • David Wilkinson

    The fashion industry is slowly changing for the better

  • Sean Doel

    Good info

  • Kevin Moreton

    This is the way forward !

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