Rethinking Consumption Could Actually Be Fashionable for Fashion

Rethinking Consumption Could Actually Be Fashionable for Fashion

Rethinking Consumption Could Actually Be Fashionable for Fashion

In case you are short of inspiration for New Year's resolutions in terms of changing your consumption habits you can pick one of those and you’re doing everything right.

1. Buy Less

200 billion garments sold annually should be the end of the quest for more, choosing not to buy a product is the most sustainable thing you can do as a consumer

2. Clean Out Your Closet More Conscientiously 

Instead of donating old clothes make the effort to resale or swap, doubling the lifetime of a product reduces its impact by half.

3. Reduce Your Returns

Millions of products bought on whim and returned to the seller will be destroyed and landfilled, and not resold again because it is cheaper.

4. Wash Your Clothes Less

Washing your clothes less often at lower temperature makes them to last longer and you shed less micro-plastic.

5. Be a Fashion Detective 

Stay informed and suspicious about greenwashing. 

Tackling the underlying reasons for why we over-purchase, yet underuse clothes will definitely help.

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  • John Wood

    Fast fashion is ruining the beauty of fashion....

  • Russell Vanstone

    Overconsumption is one of the most significant issues in our world.

  • Nicky Chapman

    This year, we have been consuming without realising the long-term consequences of our purchases.

  • Charles Osborn

    Achieving a more sustainable fashion industry is only possible with the cooperation of consumers by buying less.

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Susanna Koelblin

Circularity & Fashion Expert

Susanna is Business Development Manager Textiles at Eastman Chemical Company. From blockchain to recycled swimwear, she talks about emerging technologies and sustainability issues in the fashion industry.


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