A Closer Look at the Price Action Trading Strategies

A Closer Look at the Price Action Trading Strategies

Anas Bouargane 19/12/2020 4
A Closer Look at the Price Action Trading Strategies

Using price action trading strategies will help you analyze how to best conduct your investments in the world of the financial market.


 It is quite easy to figure out, so it is a good way to start your journey to perfect and payable investments. However, why stop at the beginning when, by taking the time and investigating it inside and out, you can become a master in this field? We give you a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when deciding on your investment by analyzing the price action. 

Get to Know it Inside and Out

As previously mentioned, it is not hard to understand, but before you start your ventures, you should take the time and learn as much as you can about every aspect of it. Price action strategies rely on the analysis of the history of changes in the price on the market. Reading and understanding charts is a crucial step in the whole process. There are many different types of charts, candlesticks charts being one of the most common. It gained popularity because of its simplicity and the quantity of information it can provide you with. There is a lot to get into, as you need to determine which strategy suits your needs the best. 

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are the basis of the whole price action trading tactic. There are levels to each of them by which you determine the value of the stock you want to invest in. When there is a bigger demand for a product than there is in the supply, it means that there are the support levels and the market is at the point of turning up. On the other hand, when it is the other way around, the market will surely reverse down. There are different levels to each, and your task is to track the pattern and decide whether you want to invest or not.

Analyze the Big Picture


Never rush into anything. Take your time to analyze the price swings and see what is the market trend, at that particular moment. It will give you an insight into the larger picture, and you will determine the structure of the market you are aiming for. If you find a strategy that fits best in your investment plan, it will not be hard to have everything you need right in your hands. Remember, this is all ever-changing, so you need to be careful and persistent in your analysis.

Try to Limit Your Losses

In the world of the financial market, timing is everything. As much as you need to invest in the right thing at the right time, you also need to know when to withdraw the investment. By having this in mind you will be able to avoid great financial losses. If you don’t find the right strategy to pursue, you put yourself at risk of it moving against you. Don’t go by your emotions, but look at the charts and determine your course of action by basing it on cold hard facts.

Make a Strategy

And now we get to the most important part: how to correctly choose a price action trading strategy that will help you gain the profit you are aiming for. 

First of all, you need to decide why you want to invest in that specific market. Take notice of every pattern shown on the charts and analyze its movements. That will show you whether the market is moving up or down, and you will be able to determine if you will be able to gain profit or if you have to consider doing risk management and withdraw the investment.

Secondly, you need to determine what exactly you want to gain from the trade. Manage your expectations and brace yourself for potential losses. See the price range in your chosen market and decide on the profit you think you can gain. Also, you should determine whether you want to make it a long-term or short-term investment.

Lastly, see what you can do to minimize your losses. Decide on how you will conduct your business and determine the stop-loss amount. Market status is always dynamic, and you have to make peace with the fact that you will lose some and win some at any moment in time.


Every type of business relies on the price. Taking notice of every change, history, general volume, and waves that prices make, and you will have a clear picture of what is best for your financial status. You need to be precise and organized and never leave anything to chance. Price action trading charts and strategies will help you achieve just that. Without having an idea of what, how, and when is the best to conduct your business you are sure to get lost in the fast-paced market.

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    I use a mixture of technical and fundamental analysis while trading

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    Good article

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    If only I could win every time I trade

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