Angel Investment | Network for Mental Health Relays Digitally

Angel Investment | Network for Mental Health Relays Digitally

Angel Investment | Network for Mental Health Relays Digitally

One in three people are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

The uncertainty with the economy, soaring prices, rate hikes, layoffs, energy costs, food insecurity, places people in difficult situations under immense mental strain.

Angel investment firms are funneling unprecedented funds into mental health apps.

Mental is thought and memory. Thought is the basis of how the brain takes and places those external experiences for determinations. Thoughts, though common, have how they transport across the brain, to say what something is or what should be done.

This transport is a chance to place angel investment and their networks at the forefront of care, globally, with the possibility of the display at scale. Thought, as postulated by the sensory-thought integration model of the brain, emerges from the sensory integration. It is from there they are relayed to the cortex for interpretation.

How can this be displayed in every condition of mental health? How can this be useful to describe thought order and disorder to understand how to test or measure a condition by the level of thought?

After integration, thoughts are relayed to be known, felt and for reaction. It is this sequence, especially knowing in the memory, by stores and groups that is helpful to understand what to do in general.

Groups in the memory bear part responsibility for the brain’s intense wirings and connections. Groups hold similarities of what stores have in common. It is groups that determine what to remember or forget, what to understand, how anything is known, what to feel-like doing, addictions and more.

Groups have their distinct properties, which theoretically can be termed revolving, switching sides, changing areas, and moving to the prime spot for one group at any moment.

They make this intricate coordination so that experiences for an individual with the world are seamless. Exploring this display digitally could be powered by an angel network, towards tracing, for a token, in every mental health condition.

An NIH funded study linked the thalamus to thought. The thalamus is where most sensory inputs are integrated, except smell, which is at the olfactory bulb. Neuroimaging says nothing about thought transports because it doesn’t see it.

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Research in Theoretical Neuroscience
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