Frequently Asked Home Warranty Questions

Frequently Asked Home Warranty Questions

Frequently Asked Home Warranty Questions

Home warranties are great products for covering a variety of items throughout the home and give the owner discounts on certain services.

A warranty is not the same as a homeowner's insurance policy and will not perform in the same way. Many homeowners have questions about home warranties and how those warranties work. By reading through frequently asked questions, homeowners get the answers they need. 

How Long Does the Contract Last?


The homeowner starts the home warranty by paying the annual fee, and once the fees have been paid, they have 13 months of coverage. The overlapping month provides the homeowner plenty of time to accumulate the annual fees for the home warranty without losing their coverage.

The homeowner has the right to terminate their existing warranty at any time, and they are not obligated to renew it each year unless they want the home warranty. Homeowners can read through FAQs about home warranties and learn more about home warranty products. 

How Does the Homeowner Request Services?

If the homeowner needs repairs, maintenance, inspections, or a new installation, they contact the home warranty company. The homeowner doesn't coordinate any of the services. The home warranty company contacts their service providers in the local area. All service providers have been screened by the home warranty company and will provide high-quality services.

The homeowner is informed of how much their portion of the services cost. Some warranty companies collect the homeowner's portion from the owner after the services are performed. The terms of the warranty determine when the homeowner pays these fees and how much of a discount they receive on the services.  

Can Customers Alter Their Warranty Terms?

Yes, the customers can alter their warranty any time they want, and all they have to do is call the home warranty company. Each time that the property owner adds a new installation in or around their home, they have the option to add the installation to the warranty.

It's highly beneficial for the homeowners if they add major appliances and systems to the warranty. This could include swimming pools, Jacuzzis, guest homes, pool houses, or new electrical systems and connections for new additions to the existing property. 

Who Chooses the Service Provider?

The home warranty home chooses the service providers that perform all services for the homeowners. They screen all service providers thoroughly and ensure the service providers have a long track record of delivering high-quality work. They will not send a company to the homeowner's property that has several complaints against them.  

How Does the Homeowner Pay For Repairs or Replacement Services?


The home warranty company provides information about all costs for the homeowner. The company and the terms of the warranty determine when and what percentage the homeowner pays. To get an accurate quote for services, the homeowner needs to contact their home warranty company. The company will have terms for how long the homeowner has until they must pay for the services and if they submit payments to the warranty company or the service provider.  

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