How Will Microsoft Get Immensely Benefitted By Buying TikTok?

How Will Microsoft Get Immensely Benefitted By Buying TikTok?

Hardik Lashkari 02/08/2020 8
How Will Microsoft Get Immensely Benefitted By Buying TikTok?

The next few days might very well decide the future of TikTok.



India has already banned it.

President Trump has declared that he will sign an executive order on Saturday to ban TikTok from the US.

However, in between, there’re speculations that Microsoft is interested in buying TikTok.

Although I don’t see TikTok being fit into Microsoft’s business at present, it could actually be a masterstroke.

As of now, Microsoft owns LinkedIn, the sole social media platform in its bouquet.

If Microsoft buys TikTok, it could do two things:

  • Microsoft will own another social media platform, and;
  • Since the ownership will be transferred, both India and the US can lift ban from the at-present Chinese-controlled app.


TikTok Stats


In India, TikTok was downloaded 190.6 million times in 2019.

In the US, this number was 41 million, making it the second country for highest downloads.

I put this post on LinkedIn. Here’s what a few people on LinkedIn have to say about this news:

Amrit Singh: If Microsoft purchases TikTok, it will surely change the algorithm of the application. Secondly, Microsoft will readily get 800 million users of TikTok. Microsoft is a trustworthy company which can help in expansion of TikTok’s user base even more.

Sriven Saripalli: I have used tiktok a few times and I have observed that it is a platform where people can showcase their skills creatively. Microsoft can tap into the huge data of tiktok and build AI software solutions that can give valuable insights to a lot of people.

Stephen Aaron Shepard: I generally don’t think Microsoft should buy something like TikTok. But if they want to transform it into something professional, decent, and worthy of respect, then I will not object that move.

Wrapping Up

Although, nobody from Microsoft (or TikTok) has confirmed this news yet, however, if it is even slightly true, Microsoft may have just come with a positive hope for TikTok and its management.

What’re your thoughts?

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  • Mark Dover

    Delete TikTok ! It's trash !

  • Kevin West

    Never had this app. Not a big fan.

  • Andrew S

    Microsoft : No one can spy on Americans but me

  • David Humeniuk

    So Microsoft wants to basically profile and monitor our children through TikTok. Got it.

  • Wayne Price

    Why don’t we just burn it??

  • Nancy

    I pray that Microsoft doesn't buy TikTok

  • David Owen

    This generation is pathetic. I weep for the future.

  • Greg James

    Donald Trump making a good decision? This year has been truly weird.

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