Why Health Insurance is an Excellent Choice for Expats?

Why Health Insurance is an Excellent Choice for Expats?

Daniel Hall 17/06/2024
Why Health Insurance is an Excellent Choice for Expats?

Are you excited to start your new adventure as an expat? 

While seeing and learning about different cultures will be fantastic, it is crucial to put your health and well-being first. It might be difficult to navigate local healthcare systems because of new processes, language challenges, and restricted coverage for foreign nationals. This is the reason why having health insurance is important. It gives you peace of mind and guarantees that you can get high-quality medical treatment so you may enjoy your new life to the fullest.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss why having a relevant health insurance policy is a suitable choice for expats.

Why Expats Must Have Comprehensive Health Insurance?


Expat health insurance is global health insurance, which is designed to provide adequate medical coverage for individuals or families living abroad.  This plan is ideal for frequent overseas travellers, remote workers, and international business travellers. Below are a few reasons why having an inclusive health plan is essential for all expats.

  • To Get Quality Healthcare

You must know that healthcare across the world varies from one place to another. Local medical services might not be that expensive but advanced treatments and other medical services can be pricey. It can bring severe financial strain to your savings. To avoid such strain, one must have an inclusive health plan to enjoy the highest quality healthcare around the globe. 

  • To Ensure Quick Access to Treatment

Swift access to required medical treatment becomes a priority in times of emergencies. Remember, a bit of delay can cause severe health issues or sometimes unfortunate death. By having a health plan, you would have to take any stress about it as expat health insurance comes with a wide network of reputed and well-equipped healthcare facilities. 

  • To Combat Language Barrier

Remember, a bit of miscommunication while medical diagnosis or advice can be dangerous and even fatal. In international medical facilities, you will often find English-speaking professionals but these places are usually very expensive to avail. Instead of worrying about the cost, let your insurance provider handle it, so you would not have to face any language issues with your doctors. In addition, a comprehensive insurance policy might even include translators to help you.

  • To Safeguard Savings

Over time, medical expenses are increasing and undergoing healthcare treatment without health insurance can drain all your savings. You will get varied medical coverage under a health policy like pre and post-hospitalisation, operation cost, palliative care, and many more. Besides, you can enjoy tax benefits under the section 80d deduction.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan for Expats?


To get optimal medical coverage according to your healthcare needs and requirements, you must buy the best-suited health plan. Kindly look into the below-given things that you must consider to make an informed decision about your healthcare.

1. Opt for a Plan that Covers your Foreign Destination

Before buying a plan, you must look into the international places it is valid. You must understand that the healthcare systems of every country are different from each other. For instance, in countries with private healthcare, insurance is a must. Yet, even in places with public systems, expats may face certain waiting periods or additional costs. Also, many nations may deny care or demand proof of insurance. 

2. Choose a Comprehensive Plan

While selecting health insurance as an expat, opt for a comprehensive plan that covers a wide array of medical services like hospitalisation, outpatient care, medicine cost, emergency evacuation, etc. It will ensure that you have extensive coverage for any unexpected healthcare needs while living abroad. Having the best health plan will offer you peace of mind along with financial security.

3. Look for an Easy Claim Process

A simple online claim submission process ensures quick access to funds in times of medical emergencies. It will not only reduce one’s stress but also provide timely healthcare support without financial strain. For example, ACKO is a trusted insurance provider that allows its policyholders to raise claims with a few clicks through their online application. 

4. Avail Customisable Health Insurance Policy

Customising your health policy will let you choose the coverage according to your specific needs. This will ensure that you pay only for what you and your family require regarding healthcare. By adding or removing features from a health plan like maternity care, dental coverage, wellness benefits, etc., you can create a plan that fits your financial capabilities.

5. Consider Pre-existing Health Problems

You must consider your pre-existing health issues while purchasing health insurance as it is vital because some health policies offer coverage for existing diseases or medical conditions. Without it, you might face financial strain due to costly medical bills. For instance, if someone has diabetes, a policy covering diabetes-related expenses would eliminate financial strain and provide necessary healthcare coverage. 

The Bottom Line

Expat health insurance is an investment in your well-being and peace of mind and not simply a tool for financial security. You may enjoy your expat journey with confidence if you have the appropriate coverage in place since you know you can get high-quality medical treatment if necessary.

Now that you know the need to have an inclusive health plan for expats, buy one now. In addition, ACKO General Insurance offers a wide range of health plans at competitive price ranges so surf through their website and make an informed decision.

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