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2 months

How to Regulate a Railroad

The economics of railroads poses some problems for economists.

2 months

Europe’s Debt Cancellation Would Mean Recognition of Insolvency

Economist Thomas Piketty, creator of some of the most absurd proposals embraced by the extreme left, has published an article in which he demands a cancellation of government debt in the hands of the European Central Bank “in exchange for greater public investment” which, by the way, would be paid with more issuance of public debt. This is fascinating.

2 months

Some Evidence on Those Who Hold Multiple Jobs

There's an old grim joke about those who hold multiple jobs.

2 months

Why High-Income Economies Need to Fight COVID Everywhere

High-income countries are pushing and squabbling as they seek to vaccinate their own populations from COVID-19, while many lower-income countries have been pushed to the sidelines and forced to watch.

2 months

Silver Squeeze: Next GameStop or Fundamental Bet?

Silver fundamentals are stronger. There is no need to bet on squeezes.

2 months

GameStop: Revenge of the Small Investor or Massive Bubble?

The GameStop case is puzzling investors all around the world.

3 months

Could Environmentalists Just Buy What They Want?

Under a "marketable permits" approach to controlling pollution, firms have permits to emit a certain amount of pollution.