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Ian J Sutherland is a highly skilled director with expertise in governance, partnerships and regulation and almost four decades of experience serving as a powerful catalyst for change for organisations of all sizes and sectors. He thrives on identifying areas for innovation and improvement, forming effective strategies to drive efficiency and create bottom-line results. He has a proven capacity to serve as a bridge between organisations and functions, creating unity and operational coherence. A personable and creative leader, with a unique insight and the ability to see the big picture and provide constructive challenge, he writes on many matters including the delivery of change in today's world and is an opportunistic photographer who seeks to capture images that interest him. He enjoys good beer, good company and good music - not necessarily in that order.


Why Recruiters Should Care More about Individuals

I don't bite, and when I realised that I needed to be networked I also recognised that the most interesting connections and opportunities were most likely to come from people I didn't know and who did not know me ........ yet! I value all my friends and past-colleagues (well, OK, one or two fall below the line for me, but I am only human!) and the advice and support they have given, but if I restricted my network to them then I would be caught in a closed circle.


A Practical Road To Better Accessibility and Inclusion

In this article I hope to offer a practical 3-step way to address the topical issue of accessibility for all; particularly access to the technology and systems that are so integral to modern society. In truth what I will propose seems so obvious that I am concerned that I may have missed something.


Brexit & UFOs

Here is a little fun for what is otherwise a very stern week in the UK. It is something of a random thought, but has a serious edge too.


When Something is Missing

Between Sunday and Wednesday evenings this week I did not see a single road vehicle at all and it was great! There were thousands of people of almost every size, shape, orientation and origin moving within a thriving business and social environment, yet it was so "other worldly" that it felt like a two week break.


A Resurgence Of Excellence?

Coincidences set my synapses firing and on Sunday I was triggered while multitasking at breakfast. As well as eating I was catching up on Sky's "Master of Photography" and browsing The Sunday Times.


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