Ivan Brehm Culinary Guru

Ivan Brehm is Head Chef and Owner of Restaurant Nouri. Rooted in the Latin word for nourishment, Nouri is a partnership with award-winning hospitality group Unlisted Collection. Ivan who inherited his initial love of food from his two grandmothers developed a cuisine that is as eclectic as his own lineage. Ivan uses food as a medium to showcase the similarities and universal touchpoints we all share, irrespective of our background which he affectionately refers to as “Crossroads Cooking”.


7 Invaluable Life & Leadership Lessons I Learned From my Culinary Mentors

Working alongside renowned chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, Claude Bosi and Andoni Luis Aduriz has undeniably had a fundamental impact on me, not only in my professional development as a chef but in my personal development as a leader. While my time at their restaurants allowed me to develop my repertoire of culinary skills, the lessons I learned extended far beyond refining my practical and technical ability in the kitchen and they continue to shape me both as the person and as the professional I am today.