Jesse Martin Higher Education Expert

Jesse is a world leader in the integration of the science of learning into formal teaching settings. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Lethbridge and Director at The Academy for the Scholarship of Learning. Huge advocate of the science of learning, he provides people with ideas about how they can use it in their classrooms. Jesse holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Wales, Bangor.


Science of Learning: Learning through Mistakes

If you have heard the phrase that “we learn from our mistakes” you may wonder why mistakes are unacceptable in schools. The very places that we go to learn.


Ubiquity of Information – Scarcity of Understanding

We live in a society where not only is information available to almost all of the developed world’s population, but that availability means that more and more people are gaining access to information at greater and greater rates.


The Future of Work

We live in uncertain times with facts, figures, rumors, and research all coming at us at a speed that belies our ability to take it in.


Information Knowledge: Understanding Reality

Having an internal representation that reflects reality is what we have – at least we think we have – and the whole purpose of learning is to bring our internal reality closer in line with the objective reality that exists in the world at large.


Science of Learning - Memory Transfer

Short-term memory is exactly what the name implies, memory for the short term. It is the memory you are using to feed your thinking.