Jesse Martin Higher Education Expert

Jesse is a world leader in the integration of the science of learning into formal teaching settings. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Lethbridge and Director at The Academy for the Scholarship of Learning. Huge advocate of the science of learning, he provides people with ideas about how they can use it in their classrooms. Jesse holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Wales, Bangor.


The Science of Learning: Effective Cramming

Why is cramming so effective as a method of study, and for millions of students?


The Importance of Teaching Academic Skills in University and College

In the late 90’s when the skills agenda was all the rage in the UK, I was tasked to develop a skills program.



When H. W. Garrod, Professor of Poetry at Oxford University, was offered a white flag by an enthusiastic woman in 1916—during the first World War—with the remark, “Sir, are you aware that in Flanders young men are dying for civilization?” he replied with a bow—says Douglas Jerrold (in “Georgian Adventure”): “Are you aware, Madam, that I am the civilization for which they are dying?”


Willful Blindness and Educational Management

The ability to engage in formal operational thinking may be inherent, but the skills necessary to use formal operational thinking must be taught. With up to 45% of our graduates unable to engage in formal operational thinking, we aren’t doing a good job of teaching it. This is what the higher in higher education stands for, higher thinking skills.


Willful Blindness & Education

Both the education and the higher part of higher education is broken. Research is the only game in town and as that relies more and more heavily on private (read: commercial) funding the research game becomes more and more private (and trivial).