Manoj Barve Business Expert

Manoj is the Head of BVMW - The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. He is also the Director of Kontakt India, which provides a variety of India-Entry and Scale-up support services to German Mittelstand companies allowing them to focus on their core activities. During his career, he has worked in different industries including pharmaceutical, offshore and engineering across multicultural teams in Europe, Middle East, India, Asia-Pacific and the USA. Manoj holds a Bachelor degree in Economics, Finance and Commerce from the M.L. Dahanukar College as well as prestigious accounting certifications from all around the world. 


Ten Years of Global Financial Crisis : The Day Lehman Brothers Crashed!

By 2007, digitization and globalization had reached a decent level that the whole world was interconnected.


Ten Years of Global Financial Crisis: How Did We Get Into It?

In a few days from now, on 15th September, we will remember the demise of the investment bank Lehman Brothers. The largest bankruptcy in the history - much bigger than Enron, WorldCom and Adelphia combined, with an assets-write off worth over US$ 639 Billion, making 25000 employees jobless overnight, playing havoc on the stock markets and national economies, and triggering a Tsunami of bankruptcies and bailouts.


India, Germany and Intellectual Property

While product piracy is a common phenomenon, it is spreading widely with more and more countries industrializing. B2B platforms and e-commerce are making it easier to sell counterfeit products, and difficult to catch the thieves.


Why Germany Continues to Stay Amongst the Most Attractive Investment Destinations?

You are a high cost country, your demographic situation is unfavourable and the population (and hence, the market size) is stagnant, more-and-more aged people are dependent upon less-and-less “productive” employees, you have a severe skills shortage in certain important industry segments, your energy- and environment-related costs are among the highest in the world, you are struggling with an influx of refugees from violent geographies, which has made your central government very shaky. Your economy is doomed, right? Wrong!


India beats France!

No, it’s not about football. France holds 7th position in FIFA World ranking, and is likely to climb up substantially by end of the week when the World Cup gets over. India ranks 97th, and there is no competition!