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Matthew Rosenquist is an industry-recognized pragmatic, passionate, and innovative strategic security expert with 28 years of experience. He thrives in challenging cybersecurity environments and in the face of ever shifting threats. A leader in identifying opportunities, driving industry change, and building mature security organizations, Matthew delivers capabilities for sustainable security postures. He has experience in protecting billions of dollars of corporate assets, consulting across industry verticals, understanding current and emerging risks, communicating opportunities, forging internal cooperation and executive buy-in, and developing practical strategies. Matthew is a trusted advisor, security expert, and evangelist for academia, businesses, and governments around the world. A public advocate for best-practices, and communicating the risks and opportunities emerging in cybersecurity. He delivers engaging keynotes, speeches, interviews, and consulting sessions at conferences and to audiences around the globe. He has attracted a large social following of security peers, is an active member on advisory boards, and quoted in news, magazines, and books. Matthew is a recognized industry expert, speaker, and leader who enjoys the pursuit of achieving optimal cybersecurity. Matthew Rosenquist is experienced in building world class teams and capabilities, managing security operations, evangelizing best-practices to the market, developing security products, and improving corporate security services. 


Do Not Pay Ransomware – A Lesson for Municipalities

Remember how cybersecurity professionals were telling municipalities not to pay ransomware extortion as it would reinforce and embolden future attacks specifically against their sector? Well, it appears that over 20 government agencies throughout Texas have been hit with ransomware in a coordinated attack.


Reviewing the 11 Hot and Not Cybersecurity Trends

Recently an article came out describing several cybersecurity trends which are hot and a few that are going cold. I read through the list and made a quick comment in LinkedIn that I was not entirely in agreement with the assessment. I figured that would be the end of it, but a colleague asked if I would elaborate. 


Cyber Criminals are Taking Crypto Attacks to the Next Level

Coinbase recently thwarted a very clever hacking attempt by cyber criminals. 


Does Home Depot Respect Customer Privacy?

Why does Home Depot need to capture my full date of birth, just to buy a product? I recently purchased a can of Plastic Wood and was stopped by the self-checkout assistant because the system wanted to verify I was over 18. Fine. I assume it has to do with preventing kids from sniffing glue, painting graffiti, or whatever. Even though I look well beyond such an age, I had to produce my driver’s license and the assistant verified my age then typed in the month, day, and year of my birthdate into the payment system. WHAT??? No thank you! 


Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Cyber Hackers Next Targets

Where will online criminal hackers look next? Cryptocurrency. There are already hacks going on, but this will ramp up significantly as some of the more highly competent criminals are targeting cryptocurrency exchanges. 


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