Nischala Murthy Kaushik Marketing Expert

Nischala is the Global Marketing Head at Wipro. She is a new age marketer who enjoys work which has a jazz and bass of logic, creativity and making a global impact. She is also an advisor / mentor with several global initiatives involving startups, technology consortia and #WomenAtWork communities. Her expertise is to craft and design high impact marketing strategies for emerging and high growth technology areas like blockchain, AI, next generation solutions. She believes the equation to marketing success is moving the dot from mind-share to market-share to profit-share. Her claim to fame is being among India's 2017 Top 100 Brand & Content Custodians, a TEDx talk, being among Twitterati and featuring in several global "Best in blogging" lists. Nischala holds an MBA from IIM Bangalore. You can follow her on Twitter @nimu9


Tips to Boost your Productivity at Work

Over the years, I have observed that there are some people who have time for everything – They do their work (really well and well on time), they have time for family and friends, they have time for their interests and hobbies out of work and they also have time for themselves. What really sets apart those who have time for everything and those who never seem to have time for anything is this - effective time management. In this article, I will be listing some very effective tips for time management at work.