Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Kurt Cagle 03/11/2021
Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Joe Biden signed more executive orders than Donald Trump did in four years.

At around the 100-day mark, 53% of Americans said they approved of the job Biden was doing. At the same point, just 41% said the same of Trump. 

By political perceptions and opinion polls, Donald Trump was not good enough and now Joe Biden is not considered as a better option for the USA. If you had the sole power to choose between these two, who would be your choice and give tenable reasons?

You have two students in your classroom. One of them, Joe, is hard-working, studious, gets his homework in on time, speaks up in class when asked, has a good grasp on the materials, but is also somewhat introverted. The other one, Donald, is loud and highly disruptive. He is almost never prepared for class and is a bully on the playground. Not surprisingly, all of the kids (and even many of the teachers) have both a dread of hanging Donald in their class and a morbid fascination to find out just how crude and outrageous he can be, while Joe, nearly a model student, gets ignored by most people because, well, he’s just too polite to make an issue of it.

This is the situation we find ourselves in today. Biden’s been in office for about ten months. He’s reversed many of the more destructive executive orders that Trump issued and is working to ensure that some that are farther along in the pipeline. Despite having a razor-thin majority in the Senate (and two fairly recalcitrant “moderate” Senators he has to appease to keep that majority), he has managed to get more legislation passed than Trump managed to do in four years. He has renormalized relations with many countries that refused to even take Trump’s calls, has jumpstarted an international group’s efforts on climate change that had sat moribund under his predecessor, has quietly and effectively handled a number of major environmental disasters, and has ended the longest war in American history, with minimal casualties. He’s done all that in less than a year.

Yet most people have not heard of any of this, because the media is still insistent on covering every fart and insult and lie and denial from Donald, who continues to deny that he lost in the second election in his life and threatens to steal the lunch money from anyone who wants to look into his taxes, his behavior around a January 6th, 2021 coup attempt, his connections with Russian mafia figures, and hundreds of others dubious, questionable or unethical actions he’s taken.

Why? Because the very wealthy do not want to be taxed, and so they pressure their captive media to denigrate Biden and raise Trump’s profile any way they can. They secretly confess that Trump was an awful president, but so long as they can continue getting their multi-billion dollar tax breaks in perpetuity, they figure that they can always go to Tortuga or Bora Bora for a bit while the rest of the country burns, then come back and buy up all the pieces at fire sale prices. Trump is a populist, but Biden is a danger to them. And that’s why Trump is still in school, even after the school board tried to expel him.

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