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9 months

Queen Elizabeth II Marks 95th Birthday in Private

Queen Elizabeth II turned 95 this Wednesday, 4 days after the funeral of her husband, marking a milestone birthday without Prince Philip by her side.

10 months

Covid-19 and Fake News: Exponential Rise of Conspiracy Theories and How to Prevent Misinformation

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are increasingly becoming the primary sources of news and misinformation for people around the globe.

11 months
11 months

What If George Washington Lied?

February 22nd is George Washington's birthday and I remember a story about his childhood.

11 months

Judges and Ideology

When judges are going through confirmation hearings, they tend make comments about how they will act as a neutral umpire, not taking sides and following the law.

11 months

Covid-19: All Travellers Arriving in the UK To Be Tested Twice Starting From Next Week

Passengers coming to the United kingdom are set to be tested twice after arrival starting from next week.  

1 year

Inauguration Day: Joe Biden is Officially the 46th US President

Joe Biden is officially the 46th president of the United States this Wednesday.