Healthcare: Overcoming Fatigue in the Workplace

Healthcare: Overcoming Fatigue in the Workplace

Dr. Long Quach 05/06/2020 5
Healthcare: Overcoming Fatigue in the Workplace

I saw 26 patients in the past 3 days and most involved trauma.

I am tired so I turned to what I usually preach to patients.

1. I took some time to reduce as much light and sounds as much as possible. Closing my eyes and laying down for a bit helps.

2. I made a mango lassi and drank it slowly. Savoring every bits.

3. I took a walk and listened some of my favorite songs. A lot of Queen lately.

4. I called my parents.

5. I spent some time by myself and read one of my leisure books.

What do you do when you are exhausted and overwhelmed?

Life is hard and it gets much harder if you neglect the most important thing in your life.

We often take care of others, especially those we know and love. We, at times, even give away the little fire we have left to help spark the fire in others.

Please remember you can give a lot more to others if you allow yourself to heal and replenish.

You already possess the greatest tool in the world! And that’s you!

Since one of the common symptoms of anxiety is difficulty catching one's breath, this will help you do it! If you can, find a safe place for a minute and close your eyes.

Think about your favorite desserts (mine is a warm, soft, and gooey chocolate chips cookie).


Then imagine you are about to eat it, and before you start eating, take a big whiff of air in to take all those delicious desserts fragrance in!

Take more and as much as you want since it's your desserts! This also works really well if you walk by a bakery! Then treat yourself to a real dessert if you want!

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terms and condition.
  • Phil Owens

    I should take more breaks

  • Adam Stout

    Avoiding burnout is the KEY to elevate your success not only in business but for every element in your life.

  • Wayne Horton

    I want a cookie NOW !!!

  • Scott McLelland

    Compassion fatigue is a risk to anyone exposed to the stress of trauma, especially frontline workers.

  • Ron Nichole

    I get so tired I just cannot care any more

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Dr. Long Quach

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Dr. Long Quach is a clinical psychologist. He specialises in emotional management, anxiety, burnout, impulse control, relationships enrichment & infidelity in relationship. His #1 goal is to help each individual create meaningful and healthy changes so they can live their life in the most meaningful way. He has worked in different colleges and universities, hospitals, and community outpatient centres with a wide age range, sexual and gender expression, cultural and ethnic identities, and clinical presentations. His experience is with CBT, psychodynamic, mindfulness approaches, solution focus, and motivational interviewing with individuals, couples, and family. You can reach him at


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