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5 months

COVID, Darkness, and Dawn

During my most recent guest appearance at Yahoo! Finance to discuss the COVID pandemic and nothing to do with finance – a gig that has been recurring for some time now, for whatever reasons- I was asked if the darkest days of the pandemic yet lie ahead.

6 months

How You Can Save a Life

For most of my life, I have donated to charities.

6 months

If Madonna was a Hospital

Madonna has been an icon in her industry for over 4 decades.

6 months

A Request to Hospital Administrators to Bring Back Drug Reps and All Their Free Lunches

EHOB (a pressure injury prevention company) brought us cupcakes to the ER.

6 months

Hearts Made for More

Even now, in the short, dark days of this pandemic extending past the solstice and the turn of the calendar, our viral nemesis is not the greatest threat to years in life and life in years. 

6 months

Nurse Cannibals - Eating their Young

Tracy - For the first three months of my nursing career, a strange thing happened.

6 months

Prepare Now for the Sickcare Self Service Economy

Service workers are suffering from COVID-19 much more than the 1%.