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7 months

Neuroscience & Sleep: Are Brain Waves Consciousness?

A recent study, “reduced neural feedback signaling despite robust neuron and gamma auditory responses during human sleep” explored the role of alpha beta waves to awareness — from auditory signals — in the brain.

7 months
7 months

Neuroscience | Consciousness: Death Centers in the Brain?

There was a study showing what happens in the brain moments before death. This study advanced understanding towards the end of life.

7 months

Brain Science: 988 & Mechanisms of Mental Health

Viewing and creating art helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

7 months

Neuroscience: Plant-Based, Synthetic Drugs and Suicide Overdose

What does it really mean when a drug user says the need for it is to clear the head?

7 months

Cognitive Neuroscience: Synesthesia, Neuroimaging and Memory Groups

Some people hear colors and see sounds — this is an experience collectively described as synesthesia.

7 months

Brain Science: Thalamus, Mental Health Ports & Sleep Research

There is a paper, “the role of the thalamus in sleep, pineal melatonin production, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders”, describing how thalamus has an effect on sleep.

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