10 Things To Appreciate In Life

10 Things To Appreciate In Life

Rayson Choo 29/09/2022
10 Things To Appreciate In Life

As famously said by Eckhart Tolle, "acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."

Now, my question to you who are reading right now is: "What are you grateful for?" As I just reached 32 a few days ago, I had some realizations. I realized that the society in which we live is rife with problems. There is so much about ourselves that we wish to change. Many times, we lose sight of our gratitude for what we already have in an effort to better ourselves and our society. We focus so much on the negative that the positive loses its place in our hearts.

Here is a list of little and big things that we all should be grateful for, for gratitude itself is a virtue:

1) Our Health


2) Our Situation 

Everyday I wake up in the morning and give thanks to God and the universe for the gift of health for keeping me alive. Regardless of how you think, it is a gift. Good health doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of any ailment. Even when you have certain health issues, you should remember that things could worsen. So many people never got the chance to make it as far as you and I did. Thousands of people die every year as a result of disease, poverty, famines, and droughts, but we are lucky. We got to live, survive, exist, be able to dream and even achieve our dreams. Be grateful for your life.


If you are reading this, you are already in a better position than the hundreds of millions of people who are unable to eat 3 proper meals a day due to famine, poverty or even war. Regardless which country you are from, which ethnicity you are or political/religious group that you represent, be grateful for your situation.

3) Our Parents


They are our biggest fans and most honest critics. They are the only people who could possibly love us more than we could ever love them. Like for me, my parents will always be supportive of my decisions especially when it comes to my career and podcast. They would give constructive feedback when they feel that I could have done better in certain things.  I agree that not all parents are great, but they did decide to give us life and chose to let us live. Be grateful to them for their support, encouragement, their strength, and undying love. Be grateful for the opportunity of life that they gave you.

4) Our Partners


We are fortunate if we have a partner. One of the most lovely things in the world is having someone to share our lives with. This amazing person is also one of our biggest fans and confidantes. Thank them for continuously being there for us when the times are tough. As much as we deal with things from our spouse, we can't forget they deal with things about us too. Be grateful for them being understanding and patient with our faults. If our partner has rarely given us a reason to doubt their loyalty or lose trust, that's a major thing to have gratitude for. As much as we can be glad our spouse is trustworthy, be glad that they trust us too.

5) Our Good Friends


In our lives, if we manage to build a strong foundation of friendship with a few, then we are blessed. One of the best things we can be grateful for today is that we have friends who will stand by us in difficult times.

6) Our Mind


A complex science, a solid buddy.  Your mind can wander to destinations unknown, yet they can quickly return to the present. It keeps you hoping, dreaming, and thinking. It is in essence a part of what makes you, you. Be grateful for your mind's ability to shape who you are.

7) Our Heart


Our hearts are like the spirit of a three-year-old; it is scared, hurt, healed, and still ready for more of the same. No matter how much it endures, it bounces back up. If it were to stop even for a few seconds, your life could be in danger. Be grateful for the strength of your heart.

8) Our Senses


To experience all the wonderful sensations that we take for granted—touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. Think of a day when you couldn’t feel it. Think of the misery if you couldn’t taste that delicious chilli crab or seafood aglio olio because of Covid-19. Think of the beauty that you would miss out on if you couldn’t see. Be grateful for your senses for bringing such beauty to the world.

9) Our Money In The Bank


If you have money in your bank account, you are wealthier than many people who are struggling with debt and money problems. Always keep in mind that some individuals work really hard to achieve what you do, even if you have less money than others. Be grateful that you have received more blessings than many others.

10) Our Homes


Having shelter over the head is a luxury. It doesn't matter whether the home is small, big, rented, or owned. One of the main things to be grateful for in life is having a place to live and relax.


Are you feeling happier realizing that there are so many things you should be grateful for in life? Now that you know what are the things to be grateful for, start living a life filled with gratitude, and you will see the world differently. Discover your blessings, and then set out on the path to a happy and healthy life. Remember – from gratitude you can unleash the power of abundance!

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