Choices During Covid-19

Choices During Covid-19

Choices During Covid-19

Last year December, we had just heard of some kind of virus in China, and by the end of July now, we are all stuck inside our homes and hoping and praying we don’t get COVID-19 while wearing masks and social distancing.

Life has seen a complete 360 degrees flip and that brings in a lot of insecurities with personal and social issues. Along with changing our lifestyle, COVID-19 has penetrated into our dreams and thought processes.

So, what are our real choices here? What’s going to happen if we decide to not follow the CDC guidelines? How can we minimize the spread of this virus and not just keep ourselves safe but also our community?

My choice is for my family. I choose to stay home and continue to maintain my social distancing. But what are the benefits of consciously deciding to stay at home?

  1. Community service: With major activities, including my kid’s have slowed down, I have been able to leverage social media to help people by sharing my knowledge on yogic practices, meditation, stress management, and mindfulness. And also with my expertise as a trauma/grief relief and relationship coach, I was able to support others to stay calm, less anxious, focus more on positivity and have better relationships ( with themselves and others around them) during these unprecedented times.

  2. Family time: I am getting more family time this way. We are all able to have meals together, laugh together, and do fun stuff like gardening, playing in the backyard, going for strolls.

  3. Community safety: Within our realms of responsibilities, community safety also is a big concern. How do we look beyond our personal needs and think about serving and keeping the community safe is also a big issue. Without our empathy towards others, this pandemic will not be overcome. We cannot depend on governments to give us directives all the time but we should also make it our priority to work towards vanquishing our common enemy. This involves people deciding to isolate themselves as well as those who are forced to go to work. The CDC guidelines need to be followed at their utmost ability to keep this virus in check.

  4. Improving knowledge: I personally had so many books on ancient scriptures, spirituality, and much more to read in my to-do list and I am able to catch up with all of those. Hence, not just am I enjoying reading books but also increasing my knowledge.

  5. Accelerated my work: Because of the forced slowing down of our lives, my focus has changed to think and be more creative in boosting my business. As a result of that, I now have my own podcast and also host a radio show to reach out to people and serve them in a more effective way while maintaining social distancing. The message I am sharing with everyone is to show Love, Peace and Compassion not just among friends and family by extending it to people beyond your reach.

That being said, I definitely miss meeting my friends in person. But if that is creating more damage to the community and by staying at home, if I am able to get the best out of my time and energy, I would prefer to stay home and serve mankind. Of course, by using technology to be in touch with friends on face times. 

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  • Michael Weston

    I spend more time doing community work.

  • So nice. I do that too. I enjoying doing it. Now could not go outside so doing more online classes on social media and ZOOM

  • That is so sweet of you. I like to do that too. Because of COVID as we are not able to go out I am doing most of my meditation classes and coaching sessions.

  • Adam Buxton

    Staying at home isn't suitable for me. Thanks for the positivity.

  • I am so glad that it is of some help to you.

  • Robert Thorp

    Great read

  • Thank you Robert!

  • Scott Johnston

    Outstanding post

  • Amine Ezzahy

    Need some time to be alone, try washing the dishes!

  • Hahaha... I understand. That is also one kind of meditation. Focusing on what we are doing completely.

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Durga Mamidipalli

Trauma & Relief Expert

Durga Mamidipalli is a Peace Ambassador with a Master in Computer Science degree.  She has 20 years of experience and also has been featured in the nation’s top newspapers like the “Thrive Global”, ‘Goodmen Project'. She is a Trauma and Grief relief Specialist, Stress management and Spiritual coach, born intuitive Healer serving people all around the world. She is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor, Reiki Master, Motivational Speaker, and also a Marma Therapist. She also hosts a podcast and a Radio show that spreads love, compassion, tolerance, and forgiving nature. She is an International bestselling author and Publisher. She has also helped 25 other authors to become best sellers. She was an invited speaker in World Voice League for 2019 and 2020, a virtual summit happens in 6 continents simultaneously. She was born as an individual with psychic (intuitive) abilities and have been helping others since her childhood. She offers retreats, group workshops, and spiritual study classes. Her service-oriented nature made her stretch her comfort zone to teach about stress management and mindfulness programs in refugee camps, old age homes, foster homes, public and private schools. In 2013, Durga took the leap of faith and founded Be Free Now LLC by leaving her flourishing career incorporate to do what she loves doing the best healing and serving the World. She has held over 20,000 hours of coaching and over 1000 programs and much more through her volunteering and LLC. She uses all her modalities to guide others to help them to step into their highest potential and to get in touch with their innermost being. She does these by clearing their blockages and helping them to drop the old patterns that are not serving them anymore. Thus having a deeper knowing within themselves, eventually, they feel empowered to take charge of their healing and growing in all aspects of their life and take the next step forward on their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and overall wellbeing.


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