Content Marketing Hacks: 7 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Content Marketing Hacks: 7 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Novnish Ramesh 07/05/2021 2
Content Marketing Hacks: 7 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas? Does your mind go blank?

I’m sure you’ve wondered how everyone else can think up of ideas and know exactly what to say while you are struggling.

Here are 7 ways content marketers can avoid writer's block. 

These tips will help the creative juices to flow.

1. Try a Change of Scene

3 Ways to Cure Boredom During Lockdown

Go for a walk, make a cup of coffee, or work on a different project for a while.

2. Relax

Thoughts often come when you aren't concentrating too hard. Think about the task while doing something else.

3. Focus on a Specific Customer

What would they want to know about your product or service? How would you talk to your customers? It's important to know your target audience and buyer persona. 

4. Go Where You Can Avoid Interruptions

Board Room Meeting France

Find a room that has pleasant but businesslike surroundings.

5. Don't Work on the Problem in 10 Minutes

Most people need an uninterrupted hour or two to write.

6. Set a Deadline & Time Limit

Work when you are at your best. Decide whether you perform better in the morning or at night.

7. If You're Still Stuck, Tell a Colleague and Family about Your Work

Family Safe

Discussing problems will help to clarify writing in your mind.

If you are still stuck, think about the structure of the piece. Write down the main headings.

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    Helpful tips, thanks for sharing.

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