Expert Moves: PosiGen CEO Nurturing High-Performance Teams

Expert Moves: PosiGen CEO Nurturing High-Performance Teams

Daniel Hall 19/08/2021
Expert Moves: PosiGen CEO Nurturing High-Performance Teams

PosiGen was founded to make the cost savings from energy efficiency and solar energy easier to enjoy and more accessible for all.

A core component of delivering on this vision is investing in the high-performance teams that make this vision a reality. Here we talk about PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart’s views on diversity, team building, growth, and opportunity at PosiGen.

It is a mistake to think that businesses and corporations deliver results. People deliver results. PosiGen is made up of experienced, passionate, and understanding individuals with the design, sales, management, business, and engineering skills needed to deliver highly effective solar energy solutions and energy efficiency upgrades to diverse communities all across the nation. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart’s relentless focus on fairness, diversity, inclusion, and opportunity for all within the company ranks has helped PosiGen become a leader in solar system installs, and the company’s focus on building communities has helped thousands of families improve their lives.


PosiGen’s Competitive Advantage Is its Teams

PosiGen’s competitive advantage is rooted in the high-performance teams that excel in everything they do. The company’s vision, mission, and internal culture were carefully articulated and built over years. The company would not have enjoyed the success it has enjoyed over the past decade if not for the diversity and professionalism of its teams or the opportunities for growth and advancement within the company.

When PosiGen was founded, CEO Thomas Neyhart wanted to flip the script on what the solar energy company of the future would look like. While PosiGen focuses on actionable goals and tangible numbers every day, Thomas Neyhart’s focus on reinvesting in local communities, helping families save, and providing high-need, at-risk communities with opportunities for learning and growth have had an immeasurable impact on the company’s success.

Everything starts with a focus on the company’s four primary goals:

  • Making a positive impact on families served by helping them save money and improve the homes they live in.
  • Working directly with communities served by providing job opportunities and democratizing access for women and people of color.
  • Supporting growth in low-income communities and communities of color so that they can save on utility costs and put their savings right back into their local economy, supporting growth on a local level.
  • Making a difference in the environment, from lowering the carbon footprint of communities served to provide energy efficiency upgrades that ensure every customer’s home is safer and cleaner and promotes healthier living.

By tapping into the vast diversity of the markets it serves, PosiGen has created teams with creative ideas, a broad range of life experiences, and many personal and professional strengths that help make PosiGen a better, more effective employer and service provider.

Solar energy and engineering in general are highly male-dominated businesses. At PosiGen, over 65% of all workers are either women or people of color. Everyone at PosiGen has something to contribute, and the company’s teams are very diverse in every way imaginable, from race and gender to ethnic origin and spiritual belief. The company is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people from everywhere to learn more about the company. Whatever your age, race, religious views, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical abilities, PosiGen welcomes everyone to join the company and strives to create a fair, inclusive, warm, and welcoming workplace.

PosiGen CEO Getting the Science of Team-Building Right


Operationally getting things right takes more than simply having a grand vision of what high-performance teams might look like. Here is how PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart has built the company’s teams to deliver on PosiGen’s commitment to making solar energy cheaper and more accessible for all.

Build Effective Leadership

Bad teams can still deliver if they have a good leader, but without a good leader, even an otherwise good team will fail. Thomas Neyhart has trained and cultivated strong leaders at every level of the company – respected professionals who have the knowledge and experience to get things done and solve problems, make decisions, and help others when needed toward reaching shared goals.

Cultivate Your Culture

Your culture is the DNA of your company. It cannot be purchased or reset; it is the sum of everything you do, from how you hire and train people to how you choose projects, reward initiative, and promote inclusion and understanding. It takes time to build a company’s culture, but a single misstep can undo all your best-laid plans. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart has been very cautious and deliberate in articulating and implementing the company’s vision, mission, and operations, and the success of his innovative, customer-focused strategy speaks for itself.

Leverage Individual Strengths

It is no surprise that diverse teams bring a wide variety of ideas, experiences, and skills to the table. At PosiGen, everyone has the opportunity to leverage their strengths. If someone has a passion for working with others or handling communications, there is nothing stopping them from trying their hand at one of those roles within the company. Similarly, if someone wants to learn the engineering side of the business or advance beyond being an Associate or a Team Lead toward being a Community Manager or District Liaison, the only thing they need to do is to give the role a try and apply.

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